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Swallow Sport 1939

Jaguar 1½ Litre
Jaguar 2½ Litre
Jaguar 3½ Litre
Jaguar 100

Great Britain

SS Jaguar Drophead Coupé is available on 3½-, 2½- and 1½-Litre chassis at £465, £415 and £318 respectively. The 1½-Litre has 9 ft 4½ in wheelbase, 5.25-18 tyres and 1775.8-cc four-cylinder engine, the larger models has 10 ft wheelbase, 5.50-18 tyres and six-cylinder engines of 3485.5- and 2663.7-cc cubic capacity. Four- door saloons are also available on these three chassis. The 100 Le Mans type Two-seater is available only with 3½- and 2½-Litre engine, at £445 and £395 respectively.

FOR 1939, the rangee of Jaguar cars which has proved so successful in 1938 is continued without change. From the moment of its introduction the Jaguar has received the widest praise for its outstanding performance, handsome appearance and high degree of comfort. That such praise is merited is proved by the many successes gained by Jaguar cars in open competition events such as the Monte Carlo Rally, the Paris-Nice Trial, the R.A.C. Rally, the Welsh Rally, etc.
The predominating feature of all Jaguar models is fine quality of workmanship and finish, resulting from long experience in the production of highly specialised cars. All Jaguar engines are remarkable for their extreme smoothness, great power and high resistance to wear, and their manufacture has been entrusted to the Standard Motor Co. Ltd., who have installed special plant for its production.
Of the many tributes which have been paid to the Jaguar by experienced critics, that written by the motoring correspondent of "The Field" is selected for its brevity. He wrote: "In appearance this car is equal to the best: its performance is much better than most, and the care and attention which has been given to details is really surprising."



1½ Litre (4 cyl, 1775 cc; wb: 9' 4½'')
 Drophead Coupé
2½ Litre (6 cyl, 2863 cc; wb: 10' 0'')
 Drophead Coupé
3½ Litre (6 cyl, 3485 cc; wb: 10' 0'')
 Drophead Coupé


Jaguar 100

2½ Litre (6 cyl, 2663 cc; wb: 8' 8'')
3½ Litre (6 cyl, 3485 cc; wb: 8' 8'')




  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
17-25.01.1939 Rallye Monte Carlo     6 95 Harrop 100 3½ Litre 10th
          54 Carmichael-Anstruther 100 3½ Litre 20th