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Singer 1962

Gazelle Mk IIIC
Vogue - discontinued
Vogue Mk II - October

Great Britain

Gazelle Convertibles and estates dropped in spring 1962.
Singer Vogue Estate was announced in May. This variant is dimensionally similar to the saloon. Both models were superseded by Mark II versions in August.

UNCHANGED for 1963, the Gazelle continues to cater for the type of owner who appreciates a touch of luxury and likes an ample range of accessories built into the basic specification, rather than adding bits and pieces of his own, post-purchase. Thus, standard items include twin wind-tone horns, screen washers, heating and demisting tackle and courtesy lights. More costly items like Easidrive transmission, of course, come into the optional-extras list. Last year, it will be remembered, the model's engine capacity was increased by roughly 200 c.c., to the betterment of torque; the axle ratio was also raised, making the Gazelle a restful car to cruise at speeds around seventy. Overdrive, where specified, operates on third as well as top gears, giving six effective speeds. As in the case of the Hillman Minx, the estate car and convertible models have been dropped from the range, so the Gazelle is now sold only as a saloon.
Engine Capacity: 1,592 c.c. Brake Horse Power: 56.5 at 4,100 r.p.m. Wheelbase: 8 ft. Price: £805.7.9 incl PT.
SINGER VOGUE made in saloon and estate-car forms, makes its second Earls Court appearance and introduces many worth-while improvements. Engine torque is increased by carburettor and camshaft developments, enabling the axle ratio to be raised - beneficially. Chassis greasing points, of which there used to be three, have been eliminated altogether. The boot is enlarged by ii cu. ft, by a change in the position of the fuel tank. For extra safety, disc brakes replace drums on the front wheels. Where automatic transmission (an optional extra, as before) is specified, Borg-Warner's system is used, whereas the Rootes-made counterpart remains on the Gazelle. At the detail level, there are now two-speed heater fans and windscreen wipers. Reversing lamps have been duplicated, amber direction indicators are used in front, headlamp flashers are added, and rear-seat passengers have two ash trays instead of one between them. All-round comfort of the seating has been improved and the front bench is now of the divided type, giving separate adjustment for the driver and his companion. The Vogue, it will be remembered, is a larger car in most dimensions than the Gazelle, the wheelbase, for instance, being 5 in. longer, with a commensurate gain in passenger and luggage space.
Engine Capacity: 1,592 c.c. Brake horse-power: 62 at 4,400 r.p.m. Wheelbase: 8 ft. 5 in. Price: Saloon £901.12.9 incl. PT. Estate £970.7.9 incl. PT.

(London report)


Gazelle Mk III

Gazelle IIIC (1592 cc, 53 bhp)
 Saloon (wb: 8'0'')
 Convertible (wb: 8'0'') - end in February
 Estate (wb: 8'0'') - end in March



Vogue (1592 cc, 62 bhp) - end
 Saloon (wb: 8'5'')
 Estate (wb: 8'5'') - May
Vogue II (1592 cc, 62 bhp) - October
 Saloon (wb: 8'5'')
 Estate (wb: 8'5'')