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Siata 1953



Daina Farina

Mitzi at Turin Motor Show.  

When Stabilimenti Farina was closed, production of 208S bodies was passed to Carrozzeria Balbo. A spider version was also built, as was a GT saloon with a body by Bertone and a variant with a Chrysler powerplant. Around 32 examples were built.

208 S Vignale Fiat 8V

208 Coupé Fiat 8V

Siata Fiat 8V by Bertone


World Sportscar Championship entries:
Sebring 12 Hours 08.03.1953   Results:
#   engine:   Entrant: gen. class
27 300BC Fiat 1086 cm³ Farago / Torco Keller 21st S1.1 2nd  
39 Amica Crosley 724 cm³ Eager / Linton Speedcraft fail. S750 -  
47   1496 cm³ Pompeo / Bornigia Pompeo dns S1.5 -  
56 300BC Crosley 724 cm³ Scatchard / Wessells Scatchard 20th S750 3rd  
63 300BC Crosley 724 cm³ Beck / Devaney Hessler 18th S750 2nd  
   Mille Miglia 26.04.1953 Entrant: Results:
 #   chassis #     gen. class
445 208CS Stab. Farina CS058 Vasaturo / Datisi   55th S2.0 21st  
452 208CS Stab. Farina CS053 Stazzi / Melotti   34th S2.0 12th  
505 208CS Stab. Farina CS059 Amati / Santucci   50th S2.0 18th  
2200 300BC Berlinetta ST417BC Ge / Zanforlin   159th S750 10th  
2253 Amica Eugenio   Franzi / Vino   283rd S750 29th  
2301     Frattura / Balassone   dnf S750 -  
   Carrera Panamericana 23.11.1953 Entrant: Results:  
#         gen. class  
165 208S BS503 McAfee / Metger Doheny dnf S1.6 -  
Other entries:
  Targa Florio 14.05.1953   Results:
#       Entrant: gen.      
6 Saratelli 750 Fiat   Saratelli   fail. -    
42 Fiat 1400 Sport   Consiglio   fail. -    

Siata 1400 (Ignazio Consiglio) at Targa Florio.

Siata 208S, chassis #BS503, engine: V8, 1600 cm³ (Ernie McAfee / George Metger) by William Doheny at Carrera Panamericana.


Fiat Siata Sartarelli 750 (Francesco Sartarelli) at Targa Florio