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Serenissima 1964

308 / V GT V8 cyl. 2996 ccm. 307 cv – prototype


Scuderia Serenissima was founded in 1958 and raced various competition cars in many sport events since. Automobili Serenissima was formed last year. The development of a new mid-engined sportscar began in 1963 sponsored by the Venetian Count Volpi di Misurata. The project was run by Sasamotors of Modena and was known as the Jungla GT. The engine and transmission were designed by Alberto Massimino, the former being a 90° V8 of 2996cc with around 300bhp, the latter a five-speed unit mounted together with the differential. The engine has four overhead, chain driven camshafts, two for each cylinder bank. Two spark plugs are provided for each cylinder and the mixture is prepared by four double Weber carburators. The first car, a Coupé designed by Francesco Salomone and built by Gran Sport of Modena, emerged towards the end of the year tested on 20th of December with unsatisfactory results.