Classic Car Catalogue

Sabra 1962


FOR the first time an Israeli manufacturer will be exhibiting at Earls Court. The firm, Auto Cars Ltd., of Haifa, are closely associated with Reliant Engineering (Tamworth) Ltd., who undertake the design and development of the cars. There will be a new F.W.3 two-door four-seater saloon made in polyester reinforced glass fibre and having a reversed angle rear window. It has a separate chassis made of welded box-section pressings, wishbone-type front suspension and a swing axle design at the rear. The 1,198 c.c. engine and four-speed, all-synchromesh gearbox are of British manufacture, but for political reasons the name is not publicized; however, its origin is obvious to informed readers. Girling drum brakes are fitted front and rear. Also on exhibition will be the Sussita estate car, again made of glass fibre and having two side, and one rear, doors. It is powered by a 997 c.c. engine from the same British manufacturer and the gearbox has synchromesh on the upper three of its four ratios. There are no plans at present to market either of these two cars in the United Kingdom.
(London review)





FW3 / Carmel






wb: 2285 mm (Ford)
4 cyl. ohv
1703 cc
90 bhp