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96 model '74
These solidly-built Swedish cars come from a country which regards safety standards more seriously than most, and takes anti-corrosion measures to the limit. The SAAB 96 is the two-door saloon model, powered by the German Ford V4 engine, and in that guise it has proved victorious in innumerable international rallies. Product of a well-established aircraft manufacturer, the 96, and the more commodious 95 estate, have front wheel drive to contribute to their well-known stability. The 95 Estate has three doors and the 96 Saloon has two doors. Both models are notable for long life.
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From Sweden, the front-drive SAAB 99 EMS is packed with safety features, and the overhead camshaft, fuel - injected engine is happy to operate on low-grade petrol. The 99 has an electrically-heated driver's seat which switches on automatically when temperatures are low, and turns itself off when the required warmth is obtained. There is a new 99 Combi-Coupe which has estate car attributes with its liftup tailgate and folding rear seat. This model (not exhibited at Earls Court), has an outline similar to the saloon. It is expected to be on sale in Britain next year.

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99 Combi-Coupé model '74.

99 (USA)

wb: 97.4 in. 4 cyl.
(1985 cm³)
95 hp (SAE)
4 cyl. inj.
(1985 cm³)
110 hp (SAE)


99 LE Automatic

99 LE

99 LE with a vinyl top.

L/LE dash board. Radio and air conditioning/optional extras.

99 EMS. Steel belted radial tyres on aluminum wheels are standard. Side stripes optional.

The 2-Liter OHC Engine with Fuel Injection and 4-speed Manual Transmission.


96 and 95 (USA)




Sonett (USA)