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Saab 1972

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96 and 95



SAAB 95 ESTATE £1,369
Estate car version of the 96 saloon which has fire resistant velour upholstery for 1973 and for some markets headlamp washers and wipers. For really cold mornings the driving seat is electrically heated. The versatile seating layout on the 95 accommodates up to seven people, or a lot of cargo. As an aircraft manufacturer, Saab uses directed airflow to keep the rear window clean.
London show review 1972




Originally made by Triumph, the overhead camshaft engine is now built in Sweden and enlarged to 1,985 c.c. with fuel injection instead of carburettors. Unusual twin-circuit brakes ensure that one front brake and the opposite-side rear brake function in event of fluid leaks. The rear seat can be folded station wagon style. Removing the ignition key locks the transmission.
Front-wheel drive; four-cyl.; o.h.c.; 90 x 78mm.; 1,985c.c.; 110 b.h.p.; 8.7 to 1 comp.; Bosch injection; 4-speed.
London show review 1972