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Saab 1971

Sonett III      



96 and 95

  V4 cyl.
1498 cm³
65 hk (DIN)
sedan 2-dr  
kombi 3-dr  


SAAB 95 and 96
95: £1,189 (incl. P.T.)
96: £1,086 (incl. P.T.)
Driving one of these SAABs in future will really put you in the hot seat - the V4-engined cars are fitted with an electrically heated driver's seat for 1972. The heater elements are fitted under the squab and back rest and come on with the ignition if the seat temperature is under 14 degrees C. The seat heats up to just over 27 C (about 80 F) and then shuts off. SAAB believe it will combat driver fatigue. New road wheels to help cool the brakes and new door locks are among other improvements for 1972. The 95 is the estate car, 96 the saloon, and both are front-wheel-drive. Safety is a Swedish strongpoint.
London show review 1971


wb: 2473 mm 4 cyl.
1709 cm³
87 hk (SAE)
4 cyl.
1854 cm³
93 hk (SAE)
4 cyl.
1854 cm³
103 hk (SAE)


2 door: £1,494 (incl. P.T.)
4 door: £1,572 (incl. P.T.)
The SAAB 99, like its smaller V4-engined stablemates, has an electrically heated driver's seat for 1972 because medical tests have shown it to be a good safety feature. And safety is a big point with these cars, which also have new impact absorbing bumpers, wrap-round parking lamps and indicators, and new radially ventilated road wheels, designed to shield the disc brakes from dirt and help their cooling. There are two- and four-door versions, and both of them will have the 1854 c.c. overhead camshaft engine made by British Leyland and driving the front wheels of these rally-bred cars.
London show review 1971

Sonett III