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Saab 1966


96 / 95 (841 cm³, 40 KM)
Monte Carlo 850 (841 cm³, 55 KM)
Sonett II (841 cm³, 60 KM) – new model
96 / 95 V4 – new model in August



We wrześniu nowy model z 4 suwowym, 4 cylindrowm, widlastym silnikiem Forda Taunusa 12 M TS 1,5 l. o mocy 65 KM.

The 1966 Saab had a triple-carburretor. It had a higher power output. It had better acceleration – 0-100 km/h down from 29 to 23 seconds. It had a faster top speed - up from 120 to 125 km/h. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, fuel consumption is up also!
Other features include new hubcaps and stainless steel trim strips and a new headlamp flasher. Cars for the home market are fitted with two external rear view mirrors as standard.

On the Swiss and American markets the Saab came with a separately lubricated 55hp engine. This is the same engine as the Monte Carlo – but the cars did not feature the same luxurious interior. These are designated "96 and 95 Special" and had instrumentation that include a tachometer and front wheels with disc brakes. New colours are Dark Grey and yellow. Savannah Brown and Olive Green are no longer available. The three speed gearbox is now phased out completely.

The Saab 97 project – based upon the MFI13 prototype – made good progress. By the winter of 1966 it was possible to display the car, earlier than expected, and in Stockholm, rather than New York as had been anticipated. The show model was a pre-production model based very much on the MFI13 but with an extended front section to give the car a more purposeful look. For ease of maintenance the entire front section tilt up to provide access to the engine. The engine itself is the same as that in the Monte Carlo delivering 60hp. Production commenced at ASJ in late 1966 with a total of 28 Sonett IIs, three of which were pre-production models, being manufactured practically by hand. The body is made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic and the two-stroke three cylinder 841cc engine put out 60hp. Wheelbase 216cm.

The Saab V4, with a four-cylinder four-stroke engine, is presented on 2 August for 1967 model year. The new power plant had originally been developed for Ford "Cardinal Project" which had culminated in German front-wheel drive Ford Taunus 12M in 1962. The 1,498cc V4 engine deliver 65hp at 4,700rpm and saw 100 km/h from rest in just 16 seconds. The car is capable of 155 km/h although Saab factory technicians recommend a maximum cruising speed of 140 km/h.

96 and 95


Saab 96

January American advert.


Saab 96 Sport

Saab 95









Saab Sonett



Zwycięstwo (Andersson) w Rajdzie Szwedzkim (96).