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Saab 1958

93B (748 cm³, 33 KM) - new model
GT 750 (748 cm³, 45 KM) - new model


93 B z panoramiczną szybą przednią. Zastosowano osobny zbiornik oleju do smarowania silnika, co wyeliminowało konieczność przygotowywania mieszanki. GT 750 jest wyposażony w obrotomierz, dodatkowe reflektory i fabrycznie montowane pasy bezpieczeństwa. Erik Carlsson zwyciężył w Rajdzie Tulipanów.

The GT 750 is Saab's first model to have factory fitted seat belts. Eleven major modifications earned the Saab 93 a new designation: 93B, on show for the first time on 2 September 1957. A new one-piece windscreen permitts the use of larger windscreen wipers working in parallel and clearing an area larger by 43%. The turn indicator arrows were replaced by repeating flashers. Door locks and electrical system were further improved and thief proofing between the ignition switch and starter motor was enhanced by means of an armoured cable. The fuel tank was now self-mixing and the oil dosage was reduced from 4% to 3%. Rear seat now height adjustable.

At the New York Automobile Show of April 1958, Saab exhibited the Gran Turismo 750 - a sporty and luxurious model that is pitched specifically for the growing US market. The GT750 had twin carburettors and the engine had been tuned to develop 50hp. New instrumentation include a Halda Speedpilot and a wooden steering wheel with three aluminium spokes. Externally, the GT750 sport double extra front lamps, double tail lamps and large chrome plated hubcaps. External rear view mirrors and GT750 emblems complete the look.