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Rolls Royce 1962

Silver Cloud II - discontinued (1959-62 - ~2700 ex.)
Silver Cloud III - new model
Phantom V

Great Britain

The Silver Cloud III is immediately distinguishable from the Silver Cloud II that it supersedes by its quadruple headlamps; from other angles, there is practically no difference. Boot capacity, however, has been increased, and so has rear-seat legroom - a dimension in which the Silver Cloud II was open to criticism. Engineering changes are few but not insignificant... a harder compression ratio for more power and a partial re-design in the power steering department to make still lighter work for the driver's muscles, specially at very low speeds. The Silver Cloud is built in two wheel-base lengths, the shorter chassis mounting the owner-driver saloon body, the longer one a limousine. The quality of the furnishings and appointments of both, as ever, are almost incomparable. In addition to the two R.R.-bodied Silver Clouds, there are special-coachwork editions by H. J. Mulliner and. James Young. The only transmission offered is fully automatic with four stepped ratios. Capacity: 6,230 c.c., Wheelbase: 10 ft. 3 in., Price: £6,277.17.9 incl. PT.

A CAR fit for Royalty and property dealers - all twenty feet of it, give or take a couple of inches. Still the last word in luxury-on-wheels, the Phantom in '63 form benefits from the power increase and servo-steering improvement mentioned under our Silver Cloud heading. The only change not common to both Cloud and Phantom models is the former 's extra legroom; the latter, a truly enormous car, didn't need it (it seats eight, including the chauffeur, and they can all be six-footers without cramping). Rolls Royce don't build bodies for Phantoms - they all have coachwork by such top-of-the-heap specialists as James Young and H. J. Mulliner. If anyone ever tries to tell you that craftsmanship is dead on its feet in this mass-production age, lead him by the ear to the Phantom exhibits at the Show and give him a close-up of this whispering giant's superb cabinetwork, skin-you-love-to-touch upholstery and exquisite detail fittings. The lorry-length Phantom may not be easy to park in confined spaces but on the open road its super-flexible 6.2litre engine and automatic transmission combine to take practically all effort out of driving.Capacity: 6.230 c.c., Wheelbase: 12 ft., Price: Seven Passenger Limousine by H. J. Mulliner £10,045.79 incl. PT.
(London report)


Silver Cloud II and III

Silver Cloud II (V8 cyl., 6230 cc; wb: 3125/3225 mm) - discontinued
Silver Cloud III (V8 cyl., 6230 cc; wb: 3125/3225 mm) - new model

Silver Cloud II

Silver Cloud III Saloon at Paris Motor Show.


Phantom V

Phantom V (V8 cyl., 6230 cc; wb: 3680 mm)