Classic Car Catalogue

Rolls Royce 1956

Silver Cloud
Silver Wraith
Phantom IV - discontinued (1950-56 - 16 ex.)

Great Britain

Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith continue with 4887 cc engine, anti-roll bar at front, and automatic transmission as standard.

Introduced for last year's Show, the Series S Bentley and Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud (between which the only difference lies in the radiators) are equipped with almost every available aid to driving and passenger comfort, combined with rare beauty of interior furnishing. For those whose position permits such luxurious and dignified transport, these cars approach the ideal. Automatic transmission is standard equipment; full airconditioning can be provided. Exceptionally powerful servo brakes are fitted and there is a two-position, hard-soft ride control. The chassis are available with the standard coachwork, and very elegant it is too, or with individual creations by many of the specialist coachbuilding firms.
(London report, October '56)


Silver Cloud

Silver Cloud (6 cyl., 4887 cc; wb: 3125 mm)


Silver Wraith

Silver Wraith (6 cyl., 4887 cc; wb: 3380 mm)


Phantom IV

Phantom IV (8 cyl., 5675 cc; wb: 3680 mm)