Classic Car Catalogue

Rolls Royce 1936

20/25 HP (6 cyl., 3669 cc; wb: 3275/3350 mm) - discontinued (1929-36 - 3827 ex.)
25/30 HP (6 cyl., 4257 cc; wb: 3350 mm) - new model
Phantom III (V12 cyl., 7398 cc; wb: 3600 mm) - new model

Great Britain

Najdroższym wozem na wystawie był 12-cylindrowy Rolls-Royce w cenie 2650 funtów (około 67.000 zł.).
(Auto Technika Samochodowa '36 - relacja z salonu w Paryżu)


20/25 HP


20/25 hp GCJ38 photographed new outside Manchester Grammar School. The design has the usual angle to the door tops and, unusually, hidden front but exposed rear hinges. The door bottoms splay out slightly which could be the reason exposed rear hinges were needed.

20/25 hp GXK61 limousine seen here in a recent photograph. This was a common enough offering from British coachbuilders although Arnold managed to keep the roofline ‘lower’ than most partly by raising the waistline. The awkward rise at the scuttle is the result.


25/30 HP



Phantom III