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 Rover 1957

Great Britain

P4 60 1997 cm³
P4 75 2230 cm³
P4 90 2638 cm³
P4 105 2638 cm³
Land Rover 88
Land Rover 109






Rover (P4)

60 1997 cm³
75 2230 cm³
90 2638 cm³
105 2638 cm³
Rover 105S and 105R Saloons are additions to the P4 range and feature a twin-carb version of the 2638-cc '90' engine. The 105R have Roverdrive automatic transmission with built-in automatic overdrive, the 105S have a synchromesh gearbox with automatic overdrive. The body is as on the 75 model with bench seats; De Luxe versions have bucket seats. The 60, 75 and 90 P4 models are continued with a number of modifications including extended front wings with flashing trafficator at the tip.

Rover P4

Rover 105 S

Rover 60 Saloon


Land Rover

Land Rover 88 (wb: 2235 mm)
Land Rover 107 Station Wagon (wb: 2718 mm)
Land Rover 109 (wb: 2768 mm)
R4 cyl. petrol, 1997 cm³, 52 bhp
R4 cyl., diesel 2052 cm³, 52 bhp

The "spread bore" petrol engine was introduced, followed shortly by a brand new 2.0-litre Diesel engine that, despite the similar capacity, is not related to the petrol engines used. The petrol engines use the inlet-over-exhaust valve arrangement; the diesel use the overhead layout. This diesel engine produce 52 hp (39 kW) at 4,000 rpm. This engine is slightly longer than the original chassis allowed, so the wheelbase was increased from 86 to 88 in (2,200 mm) for the short-wheelbase models, and from 107 to 109 in (2,769 mm) on the long-wheelbases. The extra two inches are added in front of the bulkhead.

1554 Land Rover Mk 5 (88" with 1997 cc engine) were delivered to the during 1956 and 1957.

Land Rover




Land Rover in army service


A fleet of 50 Land Rovers for Malayan Police Forces