Classic Car Catalogue

 Rover 1953

P4 75 2103 cm³
P4 60 1997 cm³ - new model
P4 90 2638 cm³ - new model
Land Rover 1959 cc, 52 bhp 

Rover 90

In August 1953, Rover launched the 90 and 60 Saloons as alternative- engined versions of the existing 75 model, the bodywork and chassis being common to all three. The 90 model is powered by a 2638-cc 90-bhp engine and the 60 by a 1997-cc 60-bhp unit; all have four cylinders. The 90 could be distinguished externally by the badge on the scuttle and the long-range lamp on the front bumper. Wheelbase is 9 ft 3 in, tyre size 6-00-15.

Tempo of Germany begin building 'Tempo Land Rovers' under licence.

Rover P4



Pininfarina – prototypes


90 Fixed Head Coupé by Pinin Farina.

75 Drophead by Pinin Farina


Land Rover

1959 cc, 52 bhp
1997 cc, 52 bhp
wheelbase: 80 in., 86 in., 107 in.

3th of June 1953 advert feature current front treatmant, but pre-1952 doors with no handles.


W 1953 roku zaprezentowano model 86 ze zmodernizowanym, wydłużonym o 9 cali nadwoziem. Liczba produkowanych wersji nieustająco rośnie, bowiem w fabryce w Solihull chciano zaspokoić bardzo zróżnicowane potrzeby poszczególnych odbiorców. Pojawił się Land Rover 107.

In the autumn wheelbase was lengthened from 80" to 86". 107 inch model was also introduced.

Land Rover





O P T I O N A L   E X T R A S
The following is a selection of the optional extras available on both standard and "De Luxe" models:
Hood covering rear section, with windows frontand rear.
Front capstan winch.
Tonneau cover for rear section.
Heater and demister.
Tropical roof for cab.
Extra windscreen wiper.
Rear seats and back-rests.
Canvas spare wheel cover.
C O L O U R   S C H E M E S
Both vehicles are available either in Grey finish with Blue wheels or in Blue finish with Grey wheels.