Classic Car Catalogue

 Rover 1951

Great Britain

P4 75 (2103 cc)
Land Rover (1595 cc, 50 bhp; wb: 80 in (2032 mm)
Land Rover (1959 cc, 52 bhp, wb: 80 in (2032 mm) – new model 

Rover 75 (P4) and Land Rover

Hydraulic brakes fitted in 1951.

Rover 75 P4 Saloon is carryover from 1950 and is the only car produced by The Rover Co. Ltd, except for the Land-Rover multi-purpose vehicle.

2.0 litre petrol engine for the Land Rover was introduced. Land Rovers out-sell all other Rover vehicles 2 to 1.

The wooden construction of the Station Wagon made them expensive to build and tax laws made this worse. Unlike the original Land Rover, the Tickford is taxed as a private car, which attracted high levels of Purchase Tax. As a result, fewer than 700 Tickfords were sold, and all but 50 were exported.

Fabryka w Solihull.



Land Rover - wprowadzono silnik 1959 cm³ o mocy 52 KM.

Rover introduced this 6/7-seater Tickford Station Wagon on the Land Rover 80-in wheelbase chassis in October 1948. This body style was discontinued in mid-1951.