Classic Car Catalogue

 Riley 1962

Great Britain

Elf (848 cm³, 37 KM)
1.5 (R4 cyl, 1489 cm³, 62 KM)
4/72 (1622 cm³, 68 KM) 





Riley Elf Saloon was introduced at the 1961 Earls Court Show. This Mini variant differs from the basic versions in having an extended boot with tail fins and a traditional Riley grille at the modified front end. The most expensive Mini variant features a wood veneer facia and other interior refinements.
Riley 1.5 Saloon R/HS2 Series is distinguishable from the R/HS1 Series, which it replaced in the autumn of 1961, by a modified front end and round front side-lamp units. Head and leg room iwa increased and changes were made to the front seats.
Riley 4/72 Saloon was announced in September 1961. This model differs from the 4/68 Saloon (discontinued in October 1961 ) by having a larger engine-1622-cc, improved suspension and exhaust system and various detail changes. New rear springs were introduced in the following June.

READ this note in conjunction with our Wolseley Hornet profile, for the two cars are alike in almost everything except their frontal grilles. Apart from their superior finish, equipment and instrumentation, the big feature that distinguishes the Elf and the Hornet from the Minis from which they sprang is their greater length and outsize luggage boots. As the relevant data panels show, too, these lively tots from the Riley and Wolseley nurseries develop 3 brake horse-power more than the Austin and Morris minis - 37 as against 34. This gain involves no extra complication, for single carburettors are retained. Additional instruments fitted to the Elf and Hornet are a water thermometer, fuel and oil pressure gauges. These are grouped in a neat central cameo with a full-width oddments shelf below and to either side of it. The ignition key also actuates the starter motor. Capacity: 848 c.c. Brake horse-power: 37 at 5,500 r.p.m. £654.2.9 incl. PT.
ALTHOUGH over 100 c.c. smaller than the basically similar unit used in the Austin Cambridge and Morris Oxford, this Riley's 1.5 engine actually develops more power. Principal source of the extra punch is an additional S.U. carburettor. With not far short of 70 b.h.p. (gross) to propel a car weighing less than r9 cwt., you'd expect a lively performance and that's what you get. No wonder 1.5's do so well in a wide variety of competitions, including saloon car racing. Now somewhat dated in appearance -it's had a very long production run -the 1.5 scores good marks for practicality. Its relatively high roofline makes it easy to enter and leave, and even with six-footers in the back seat, necessitates no neck-telescoping. With its short wheelbase (the same as the Morris Minor's, you may be surprised to know), it's highly manoeuvrable in tight places, yet handles well at speed in a straight line. Riding height of the car was slightly lowered about a year ago by resetting the front torsion bars and a compensating modification at the back. Capacity: 1,489 c.c. Brake horse-power: 68 at 5,400 r.p.m. £798.10.3 incl. PT.
Riley 4/72, close relative of the Austin A60, Morris Oxford, M.G. Magnette and Wolseley 16/60 in B.M.C.'s family of Farina-styled saloons using the B-Series engine, is one of the faster variations on a popular theme. With its twin-carburettor engine, the 4/Seventy-Two, increased last year from 1,489 to 1,622 c.c. capacity, has an eager 68 b.h.p. on call, an output which, in this particular B.M.C. group, is only equalled by the Magnette's. No change for 1963. This Riley is among the British cars that are rapidly popularising automatic transmission in a class which, prior to last year's Show, it had scarcely invaded; the Borg-Warner interpretation of two-pedal control is of course among the optional extras offered for it. Interior measurements are naturally uniform with the other Farina models listed above ... 36 ½ in. from seat to roof in front, 34 in. at the back; door to-door widths at elbow height, 49 in. front, 55 in. back. Overall, the body is commendably roomy, extra inches having been gained in sundry dimensions as a result of last year's wheelbase lengthening and wheel-arch shrinkage. Capacity: 1,622 c.c. Brake horse-power: 68 at 5,000 r.p.m. £1,025.7.9 incl. PT.