Classic Car Catalogue

Riley 1958

1.5 (One-Point-Five)
2.6 (Two-Point-Six)

Great Britain



  R4 cyl
1489 cc
68 bhp



Riley One-Point-Five Saloon is powered by a lively 1½ -litre twin-carburettor BMC B-Series engine which develops 68 bhp at 5400 rpm. It has the same body shell as the less powerful Wolseley 1500, but is distinguished by a traditional Riley grille and more elaborate brightwork. The typically Riley interior includes a walnut facia-panel and comprehensive instrumentation. The car is competitively priced at £864.



R6 cyl.
2639 cc
101 bhp



Riley Two-Point-Six Model JA Saloon is in production from 1957. Although externally rather similar to the Pathfinder, which was discontinued early in 1957, it is distinguished by cowled headlamps, separate sidelamps and flashing direction indicators, a wider rear window, fog lamps mounted on the front overriders and two-tone paintwork. The six-cylinder 2639-cc engine develops 101 bhp at 4750 rpm, and the car is capable of speeds in excess of 100 mph.