Classic Car Catalogue

 Riley 1954

Great Britain

1½-Litre RME
Pathfinder (2443 cm³, 110 KM)


Riley Pathfinder Model RMH four-door Saloon was introduced in October 1953. It superseded the 1946-53 2½-Litre model. The 1½-Litre Saloon is continued with restyled front wings, rear wing spats, elimination of running boards, etc. The Pathfinder has an entirely new full-width bodywork (used also on the Wolseley Six-Ninety from October 1954) on a new chassis with torsion bar IFS and coil spring rear suspension. The engine is an improved development from the earlier 100-bhp 2½-litre unit, now developing 110 bhp.



Riley 1½-Litre Saloon






Riley Pathfinder