Classic Car Catalogue

 Riley 1951

Great Britain

1½-Litre (1496 cm³,)
 saloon RMA
2½-Litre (2443 cm³, 90 KM)
  saloon RMB
2½-Litre (2443 cm³, 100 KM)
 roadster RMC - ost rok. Powstało 507 szt.
 drophead coupé RMD - ost rok. Powstało 502 szt.




Riley 2½-Litre Saloon is in production from 1946 with only minor detail modifications. During 1948-51 a Drophead Coupé version was available; a Roadster was made during 1948-50. The contemporary 1½-Litre Saloon is similar in appearance, but has slightly shorter wheelbase and dark blue instead of light blue radiator badge.