Classic Car Catalogue

 Riley 1948

Great Britain

1½-Litre (1496 cm³,)
 saloon RMA
2½-Litre (2443 cm³, 90 KM)
  saloon RMB
2½-Litre (2443 cm³, 100 KM) - nowy model
 roadster RMC
 drophead coupé RMD


2.5 Litre

RMC to nowa wersja nadwoziowa modelu 2,5 Litre - 3 miejscowy roadster zbudowany z myślą o eksporcie do USA. Dlatego pierwsze egzemplarze miały kierownice po lewej stronie. RMD to dwudrzwiowe, czteromiejscowe Coupé na podwoziu sedana 2,5 Litre.

Riley 1½ - and 2½-Litre RMA and RMB Saloons are continued from 1947 with only minor technical changes. The 2½-Litre, is fitted with larger inlet valves from April and two leading shoe front brakes from June. From July interior bonnet locks were fitted. Price is £1125 (£863 for the 1½-Litre).

Riley introduced three-seater RMC Roadster in March 1948, on the 9 ft 11 in wheelbase 2½-Litre chassis. It is made only for export, like the Drophead Coupé variant which appeared in September 1948.

RMD at Earls Court.