Classic Car Catalogue

Reo 1936

Flying Cloud (6 cyl., 228, 90 h.p.; wb: 115 in.)
  Sedan 4-door
  Sedan 2-door
  Deluxe Brougham 2-door
  Deluxe Sedan 4-door



Reo would have you remember that aerodynamic design is an evolutionary, rather than revolutionary development, and that the "free flowing lines" of the new Flying Cloud may be traced to the pioneer streamline hints of Reo's 1930 model. The evolutionary department has also been busy on the Self-Shifter Transmission, which the pioneering department introduced last year. The automatic gear shifter seeks to emulate the perfect butler for quietness and efficiency. The spare tire and luggage disappear under the sweeping skirts of the rear panel. This dark and shiny cloud has no silver lining, but rather smart upholstery.