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Renault 1972

5 - new model
Rodeo 4/6


Renault 5 was first unveiled on 10 December 1971, being launched at the beginning of 1972.
In October the more upmarket R12 TS was introduced. It use same 1289 cc engine as in other R12s, but is equipped with a single, double barrel Weber carburettor, which increase power to 64 PS and raise top speed to 150 km/h (93 mph). Aesthetically, the car is distinguishable from other R12s by its special Gordini-style wheels, a chrome strip along the side of the car, and in some countries, two extra headlights. The TS also feature integrated headrests, a tachometer and a cooling-fluid temperature gauge.
A second model appeared in the Rodeo range, now known as the Rodeo 6. It is still based on the platform of the R4 van, but with the 1108 cc engine of the Renault 6.
RENAULT 4 £779
Eleven years ago this versatile family transport appeared as Renault's first front-drive car, with sliding windows, a small engine and rather fragile gearbox. Over the years it has gained winding windows, new engine and gearbox, stronger front suspension and steering and 1 2-volt instead of 6-volt electrics. Besides its four side doors and lift-up rear door it can have a folding roof.
Direct competitor for Fiat's 127, Renault's newcomer is surprisingly roomy though only 11½ feet long. Strong corrosion-proof glass fibre bumpers protect the body. A lift-up rear door and fold-away rear seat allow big loads to be carried. Basic model has an engine of 845 c.c. ; more powerful TL has 956 c.c., reclining front seats, better interior trim. Alternator, electric cooling fan, torsion bar suspension are fitted.
RENAULT 12 TS £1,159
Between 12 TL and 12 Gordini comes this new performance model with the engine of the 15 TL Coupé. Same size as the basic 12 engine, it gets an extra 6 b.h.p. from Weber two-choke carburettor, higher compression, revised head, camshaft and exhaust. Stronger clutch and servo brakes with load-sensitive valve at the rear handle the extra performance. Also added : halogen headlamps, head restraints, centre console.
Very roomy for its engine size, but lively and economical, the Renault has front-wheel drive, leaving a big floor area free for load carrying. The spare wheel, vertical at the side, reduces the space somewhat but is easy to reach. Coil springs all round give a smooth ride and good road holding though with some body roll on fast corners.
RENAULT 16 TS £1,398
Faster and more luxurious than the original Model, the TS has additional halogen lamps, different instrument panel with circular dials, a heated rear window and optional electric control for side windows. Its engine, with hemispherical head, delivers 18 b.h.p. more than that of the standard model taking it up to over 100 m.p.h. This was a pioneer example of the five-door saloon, now so popular.
RENAULT 17 TL £1,597
Top performer in a new range of front-drive sports Coupés. It has a fuel injection 1,565 c.c. engine and 5-speed gearbox and does about 112 m.p.h. Slatted rear quarters that give it the appearance of a mid-engined car figure also on the 17 TC with 1,565 c.c. and Weber twin-choke carburettors. There are also two 15 Coupés with four side windows and engines of 1,289 or 1,565 c.c.

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L (4 cyl, 782 cc, 34 ch)
TL (4 cyl, 956 cc, 44 ch)



  845 cm³
34 ch
1108 cm³
47 ch
  6 6 TL






L (1289 cc, 54 ch)
TL (1289 cc, 54 ch)
TS (1289 cc, 64 ch) - new
Gordini (1565 cc, 125 ch)



L (4 cyl, 1470 cc)
TL (4 cyl, 1470 cc)
TS (4 cyl, 1565 cc)

R 16 in Canada.

15 and 17

15 TL (1289 cc, 60 bhp)
15 TS (1565 cc, 90 bhp)
17 TL (1565 cc, 90 bhp)
17 TS (inj, 1565 cc, 108 bhp)

Renault have always made functional cars.
The 17 is no exception.

  We made room for four to travel in comfort. This we managed by shaping the rear bench like bucket seats. The front seats are richly upholstered, superbly comfortable and fully reclining.
  For easy access to the luggage compartment, the 17 has a tailgate at the back
  Another practical idea is the newly developed rear bumper shield which gives and absorbs minor knocks without damage.
  However, the appearance isn't totally deceptive. The 17TS version has a five speed gearbox, electronic fuel injection and the 1565cc engine produces a top speed of 112 mph.
  Disc brakes are fitted on all four wheels.
  The luxury equipment is also of a relevant nature.
  Included are: heated rear window, radial-ply tyres, anti-theft steering lock, electric screenwashers and intermittent wiper control, cigar lighter, alternator and on the 17TS, electrically operated windows. You can even have an electric sun-roof as an optional extra.
  We din't really object to the Renault 17 being thought of as a sporting dash-about. The only thing we ask is that you remember to give it a little practical consideration.



6 - new