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Renault 1952

4 CV

300 kg


At the Paris Motor Show in October a two new trim levels of the Frégate were introduced. The "Frégate Affaires" and the "Frégate Amiral", advertised at 799,300 Francs and 899,000 Francs respectively. The "Frégate Amiral" changed very little from the previous year's, although the interior is slightly reworked and it now feature twin fog lights at the front whereas the previous year's model came with just a single fog light. The "Frégate Affaires" offers a price saving of approximately 100,000 Francs in return for a reduced specification that involve a simplified dashboard, reduced interior trim, the removal of exterior chrome over-riders from the bumpers as well as the loss of the twin fog lights and windscreen washer.
The 4 CV is now available in three trim levels. The former Normale is now called Affaires, Luxe become a Sport and the Grand Luxe is only available as décapotable. At the same time a new indicators replaced the previous 'Jockey' type. A luxury Saprar découvrable is also available on special order.
Appeared in 1951 on the occasion of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the 4 CV 1063 is for customers wishing to participate in sporting events; it is not a quiet car for a family. The guard 1063 in outline the body of 1062, except for the ventilation of the engine compartment reinforced with small grids disposed on either side of the plate. There are no bumpers or hubcaps: however, two powerful projectors in addition to lighting series and two straps hold the front cover. In terms of mechanics, 4 HP 1063 is characterized by the following main points: Double barrel carburetor instead of simple body, cylinder head planed to permit "to increase the compression ratio. redesigned crankshaft using forged duralumin, upgraded pistons and valve springs, better balanced crankshaft, oil circuit with a capacity of four liters instead of two, reinforced clutch. more direct steering and rear suspension has four shock absorbers. Thermometer, ammeter and a tachometer complete the equipment of the dashboard. Thus transformed, the 4 CV 1063 reached 125 km / h with excellent road holding and further improvements even allow to run at 140 km / h with power increased to 42 hp. The production of the official 1063 will be limited to less than a hundred copies but Saprar offer kits "inflations 1063 ~> adaptable to production models.

Frégate na rok bieżący otrzymał nowy wlot powietrza z trzema chromowanymi listwami i kierunkowskazami wkomponowanymi w dolną jego część.
W październiku w Paryżu zaprezentowano nowe wersje na rok 1953. Mają one zmodernizowaną tablicę rozdzielczą. Frégate Amiral ma bogatsze wyposażenie ozdobne listwy na bokach i dwie lampy przciwmgielne, podczas gdy tańszy Affaires pozbawiony jest zegara, termomertu, kłów na zderzakach i kierunkowskazów.
4 CV oferowany jest w trzech wersjach: dotychczasowy Normale nazywa się teraz Affaires, Luxe został zastąpiony przez Sport a Grand Luxe występuje wyłącznie z otwieranym dachem décapotable. Na specjalne zamówienie dostępny jest luksusowo wykończony 4 CV Saprar décapotable.

W Flins, 50 kilometrów od Paryża otwarto nowy zakład o wydajności 100 tysięcy samochodów rocznie.


4 CV

4CV (R 1062)
 Affaires berline (748 cc, 17 ch)
 Sport berline (748 cc, 21 ch)
 Grand Luxe decouvrable (748 cc, 21 ch)
4CV 1063 (R 1063) (748 cc, 32 ch)
4CV Commerciale (R 2071) (748 cc, 17 ch)

4 CV for the USA market.

4 CV Grand Luxe Décapotable

4 CV Affaires

4 CV Sport

4 CV in the UK.

4 CV Saprar

4 CV 1063

4 CV cabriolet by Labourdette

4 CV 1063



Frégate (R4, 1997 cc, 58 ch) - end
Frégate '53 (R4, 1997 cc, 58 ch) - new in October
 Affaires berline
 Amiral berline


300 kg

300 kg
 (AHG) furgonette 6 CV
 (R 1080) break 6 CV



Colorale (4 cyl, 2383 cc, 46 ch)
 Prairie 14 CV break
 Prairie 4x4 break
 Savane break
 Savane 4x4 - nowy model
 Pick-up "85" (Pick-up Coloniale)
 Taxi 85
 Tout Terrain

Colorale Prairie

Colorale Taxi

Renault Colorale Savane po przebyciu 45.000 kilometrów w ramach ekspedycji Marquette, która wyruszyła w listopadzie ubiegłego roku z Ziemi Ognistej i przebywszy obie Ameryki, w czerwcu dotarła na Alaskę.




Entries and results:
24h Le Mans 14.06.1952 Entrant: Results:
        gen. class perf.ind.
#53 4 CV Lesur / Briat   fail. - -
#54 4 CV Pons / Moser   acc. - -
#55 4 CV Lecat / Senfftleben   dnf - -
#56 4 CV Vernet / Pairard   fail. - -
#67 4 CV Redélé / Lapchin   17th 4th - 501-750 17th
#68 4 CV de Regibus / Porta   15th 2nd - 501-750 11th

Le Mans.

Le Mans