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Renault 1948

4 CV
Juvaquatre - discontinued
300 kg


Renault Juvaquatre (Eight in the UK), Model BFK4, is assembled from 1947 by Renault Ltd of Western Avenue, Acton, London W3, largely from components imported from France and mainly for export. It is a continuation of the pre-war model, but with four doors and hydraulic brakes. As in 1939, the engine is a 1003-cc (58 x 95 mm) side-valve Four, driving through a three-speed gearbox. Front suspension is independent with a transversal leaf spring, wheelbase is 7 ft 82 in, tyre size 4.75-16.


4 CV

4 CV (R 1060) (4-cyl. 760 cc, 17 ch)
  Luxe - October
  Commerciale (R 2070) - prod. from February

4 CV Luxe was launched at the Paris Motor Show. It has more compehensive equipment which includes bumpers with overrides, rotating front quarter windows and light colour wheels.

4 CV Luxe

4 CV Luxe

4 CV Grand Luxe Saprar - prototype at Paris Motor Show.

4 CV Luxe

4 CV commerciale



Juvaquatre 6 CV (BFK) (4 cyl, 1003 cc) - end
300 kg 6 CV (AHG) (4 cyl, 1003 cc)

Juvaquatre (retroviseur 74-54.59)



4 CV startuje w Rajdzie Ventoux.

Rallye des Alpes, July.