Classic Car Catalogue

Renault 1947

300 kg
4 CV


Presented to the press in September last year the Renault 4 CV made its official debut eight days later under the glass roof of the Grand Palais in Paris. The first cars left the factory in August. The production model differs slightly from the pre-production models by having different indicators and opening rear door windows.
Commerciale was launched at the Paris Motor Show.

Pierwsze egzemplarze 4CV wyjechały z fabryki w Billancourt w sierpniu. Wersja commerciale zadebiutowała na salonie w Paryżu.


4 CV

4 CV (R 1060) (R4 cyl, 760 cc, 17 ch; wb: 2100 mm)
 Normale berline
 Luxe berline - October

4 CV z pierwszej serii produkcyjnej.


4 CV commerciale



Juvaquatre BFK (R4 cyl, 1003 cc, 24 ch; wb: 2350 mm)
300 kg 6 CV (AHG)

Juvaquatre BFK4 (retroviseur 74-72, 81-15)

(retroviseur 74-65)

300 kg furgonette