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Reliant 1975

Scimitar GTE (SE5) - discontinued
Scimitar GTE (SE6) - new model
Kitten - new model

Great Britain


Scimitar GTE

SE5 (V6 cyl, 2994 ccm, 138 bhp; wb: 2527 mm) - discontinued
SE6 (V6 cyl, 2994 ccm, 136 bhp; wb: 2629 mm) - new model

0/drive: £4,368
Auto: £4,446
The celebrated 'sports/estate' undergoes a significant change for 1976 with the lengthening and widening of the glass-fibre body. Using the same V6 Ford engine, the three-door 120 mph GTE is 10 cm longer overall, and 2.5 cm wider. The modifications make for greater legroom for rear seat passengers, and vastly-increased load space when the back seat is folded. The latest GTE has a rust-proof exterior, and bumpers are of rubber. There is optional power steering, and dual-circuit brakes are standard. The side doors are wider and fuel tank capacity has been increased to 20 gallons.

London report

Scimitar GTE SE6

Scimitar GTE SE6



Robin (R4 cyl, 748 ccm, 32 bhp) - discontinued
Robin (R4 cyl, 848 ccm, 40 bhp) - new model
  Three wheeler saloon



Kitten (R4 cyl, 848 ccm, 40 bhp; wb: 2146 mm) - new model

Saloon: £1,499
Estate: £1,575
Brand new for the Show, the Reliant Kitten is the go-ahead Tamworth factory's economy car, in both saloon and estate form. Featuring corrosion-free glass-fibre bodywork on a separate sturdy steel chassis, the Kitten is powered by a four-cylinder 848 cc engine, produced entirely in the Reliant workshops. Both saloon and estate models have a maximum of about 80 mph, yet with restrained driving the makers daim 60 mpg is possible. The rear seat folds on both models, providing dramatically increased luggage space. Practically all external fittings are rustless.

London report