Classic Car Catalogue

Reliant 1973

Regal - discontinued
Rebel - discontinued in December
Scimitar GTE
Robin - new model

Great Britain



3/30 (R4 cyl, 701 ccm, 29 bhp) - discontinued
  Three wheeler saloon
  Three wheeler estate



700 (R4 cyl, 701 ccm, 31 bhp) - discontinued

Saloon: £862
Estate: £932
The all-British Rebel is an economy car with a useful performance, and its GRP body and separate chassis, have a long life expectancy. The 750 c.c. light-alloy engine is produced in the Tamworth works where even such small items as valves and axle gears are also manufactured. Driven at normal speeds the Rebel will return fuel consumption figures of around 50 m.p.g., yet the performance is lively. The gearbox is all-synchromesh, and front suspension is independent. The saloon has two doors and the Estate has three. The Rebel requires only three-star petrol.

London report


Scimitar GTE

SE5 (V6 cyl, 2994 ccm, 138 bhp)
  Estate; wb: 8ft 3½in

The trend-setting GTE with 120 m.p.h. performance coupled with enormous carrying capacity, continues for 1974 with minor changes. Rear seat belts are standard equipment, there is a flexible cover to hide contents of the capacious rear compartment from suspicious characters, and there are safety reflectors on doors. The three-door GRP body is mounted on a separate chassis frame, and there is a choice of manual or automatic transmission. The rear window has a wiper and washer for clear visibility on wet days. Engine is a Ford V-6, similar to the Granada and Capri 3000.

London report



Robin (R4 cyl, 748 ccm, 32 bhp) - new model
  Three wheeler saloon