Classic Car Catalogue

Reliant 1970

Scimitar GT - discontinued in November
Scimitar GTE

Great Britain



3/30 (R4 cyl, 701 ccm, 29 bhp)
  Three wheeler saloon
  Three wheeler estate



700 (R4 cyl, 701 ccm, 31 bhp)

Saloon: £706 (incl. P.T.)
Estate: £761 (incl. P.T.)
Unusual in this day and age of component suppliers, the glass fibre-bodied Rebel is made practically in its entirety in the Reliant factories. The neat light-alloy engine, gearbox, rear axle, and bodywork are all produced in Reliant plants in Staffordshire. There are no changes for 1971, the saloon and estate models continuing in production to supply cars of exceptional low running costs, and lively performance. The Rebel engine also powers the three-wheeler Bond Bug from the same group, and with GTE production, Reliant make more glass-fibre bodies than any other manufacturer.

London report



SE4B (V6 cyl, 2994 ccm, 136 bhp) - discontinued
SE4C (V6 cyl, 2495 ccm, 121 bhp) - discontinued
SE5 (V6 cyl, 2994 ccm, 138 bhp)

£2,019 Incl. P.T.
The unusual glass-fibre-bodied 'high-speed hold-all' is unchanged for 1971, and there is no doubt it has set new standards in fast, accommodative transport since it was introduced in 1968. The three-litre Ford V6 engine gives it a maximum of 115 m.p.h., and with its high gearing it will cruise the Continental motorways at 100 m.p.h. all day with a very low noise level. The large rear window swings upwards to accept really bulky loads, and the seats fold to provide sleeping space. The two-speed wiper on the rear window is a boon in rain. With manual or auto transmission.

London report