Classic Car Catalogue

Reliant 1967

Scimitar GT

Great Britain

The Reliant offers currently three models. The Regal 3/25 is a three-wheeler with water-cooled 600 cc four-stroke four-cylinder engine deigned and produced by Reliant, driving rear wheels. The Rebel, which came out in the fall of 1964, is a small sedan with the same engine. Priced much higher then the mini it is enjoying very little success on the market. The Scimitar GT 3-litre, a budget sports coupé with English Ford V6 engine.
Being a specialist in the development of automobiles with plastic bodies, Reliant is responsible for design cars for Sabra in Israel and Otosan in Turkey.
Scimitar SE4c from 1967 is cheaper option with 121 bhp Ford 2.5 litre engine.


3/25 (R4 cyl, 598 cc, 24 bhp) - discontinued
3/30 (R4 cyl, 701 cc, 29 bhp) - new model
  Three wheeler saloon
  Three wheeler estate

Regal 3/25 Super


Rebel (R4 cyl, 598 cc, 27 bhp) - discontinued
700 (R4 cyl, 701 cc, 31 bhp) - new model
 Estate - new model



SE4B (V6 cyl, 2994 cc, 136 bhp)
SE4C (V6 cyl, 2495 cc, 121 bhp) - new model