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Reliant 1962

Regal MK G - discontinued
Regal 3/25 – new model
Sabre – discontinued
Sabre Six – new model

Great Britain

Reliant Sabre GT – first produced in June although not officially announced until the autumn, this fixed head coupe version features a sloping roof line and modified rear end which result in increased luggage space and two occasional rear seats. This car is two inches longer than the open sports model.

Sabre Six from 1962 has 120 bhp Zephyr Six engine and up to 110 mph. Also gets TR4 front suspension in place of previous leading arm system. Body is re styled with new front end treatment, and cut off tail.


Regal Mk G



Regal 3/25




(1703 cm³, 73 KM)


Sabre Six

(2553 cm³, 120 KM)

SLEEK and low-built, the Sabre in its sports and Gran Turismo versions combines glass-fibre bodywork with a rigid chassis using coil springs front and rear. Back suspension isn't independent, the live axle being located by fore/aft radius arms and a Watts linkage. Power comes from a Ford Zephyr Four engine with an extra carburettor added for good measure. Transmission is via a ZF gearbox with synchromesh on all four forward ratios. Disc brakes in front, drums at the back. Wire wheels and a detachable hardtop are among the extras offered for the open two-seater Sabre. Instruments include 120 m.p.h. speedometer, rev. counter, oil pressure gauge, petrol gauge, water thermometer and ammeter.
A new model with six-cylinder engine makes its debut at the Show.
No. or Cylinders; 4. Capacity: 1,703 c.c. Brake horse-power: 90 at 4,600 r.p.m. Wheelbase: 7 ft. 6 in. 2-Str. Sports: £1,063.17.9 incl. P.T., Hardtop: £ incl. PT.

(London report)