Classic Car Catalogue

Puma 1977

wb: 2150 mm B4 cyl.
1584 cm³
70 cv (SAE)
Coupé GTE 1600
Cabriolet GTS 1600


Puma Indústria de Veiculos S.A.,
Av. Presidente Wilson, 4385, Caixa Postal 42.649 - cep 04 220, São Paulo, Brazil
The small Brazilian factory has been building the Puma since 1966. It started with an annual production of 35 pieces. In 1974, over a thousand cars were made and in 1976 there were more than 1,800 vehicles leaving the factory. The Puma GTB is not in the program anymore. The Puma GTE is the Coupe and GTS of the Roadster. Both are based on the VW Brasilia with plastic body and 1.6 liter boxer engine in the rear. Brazilian version for regular petrol with lower performance, export version has 90 hp.