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Princess 1979

Princess 1700L/HL (R4 cyl, 1695 cc, 87 bhp)
Princess 2000HL (R4 cyl, 1993 cc, 93 bhp)
Princess 2200HL/HLS (R4 cyl, 2227 cc, 110 bhp)

Great Britain

 Princess 2
A civilised car for civilised people.
Introduced to the Austin Morris range this year, the new Princess 2 brings the latest technological advances to the well established Princess concept. When the Princess was launched, some two and a half years ago, it was acclaimed internationally for its standards of styling, space, comfort and all-round motoring economy. Now, as the result of a complete technical re-appraisal of this successful car, it is better than ever before. Many changes have been made, in the light of new materials, new technical knowledge, new thinking. They range from such detailed improvements as redesigned window winders to a completely new four cylinder engine. The result is the new Princess 2, an extremely civilised motorcar which has only come on to the market after a long and exhaustive series of very uncivilised tests.

2200 HLS

Princess 2200HL & 2200HLS
Flagships of the new Princess 2 range are these truly luxurious saloons, powered by silky-smooth six cylinder overhead camshaft engines.
As befits touring limousines, just about every modern creature comfort is included. The driver's seat adjusts to any of 240 positions, there are generous door-mounted armrests, subtly illuminated instrumentation, a versatile and efficient heating system with a recirculatory position to guard against traffic fumes, vinyl trimmed rear quarter panels - and much, much more.
The 2200HLS has a number of special features. Individual folding armrests for driver and passenger, tinted glass windows, an additional cigar lighter and individual reading lamps at the rear, a push-button radio, full vinyl covered roof, velour seat trim with padded headrests and a burr walnut finish fascia.
Both models are fitted with the new Triplex 10/20 safety windscreen and stylish trapezoidal headlamps.
Princess 2000HL
Here are all the civilised appointments of the 2200HL, together with quite remarkable running economy. The secret lies in the new 4 cylinder, overhead camshaft 'O' series engine. No mean performer (0 to 60 in just over 14 seconds) the Princess 2000HL achieves no less than 27.2 mpg on the official fuel consumption test, a figure which few of its 2 litre competitors can match.
Princess 1700L & 1700HL
Smoothly powered by the new 1.7 litre 'O' series engine, these versions of the new Princess 2 bring new standards of economy to family or business motoring in the grand manner. Many of the luxurious appointments of the 2000HL are retained; indeed, the 1700HL is virtually identical except for its smaller and even more economical engine which, incidentally, offers the business user significant tax savings, since it lies just below the critical 1800cc tax threshold. In every form, the new Princess takes the stress out of driving in busy traffic, along twisty lanes or on the motorway - keeping you calm and relaxed in an atmosphere of civilised peace and quiet.