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Powell 1956




The all steel body of Powell is built in the Powell factory directly on the Plymouth chassis. Workmen strip all unuseable parts and pieces from the '41 chassis' to mount the new Sportman body. Upholstery is of heavy duty vinyl stretched over new foam (with no springs). The stock Plymouth instrument panel receiving a full compliment of gauges and two speed windshield wipers are standard. However, there is no provision for a window defroster. Side windows are of the sliding type. Options include turn signals, two tone paint, and chromed wheel discs. The completed rig is rated as a 1/4 ton pickup, and sold for $1095 for the standard version, with the deluxe selling for $1198. A factory built pop up camper option increase the price by an additional $295.
Walt Woron, Motor Trend Magazine's road tester, took a Powell Sport Wagon for a test drive in 1956. In this test he averaged only 15 miles per gallon. Overall Woron was impressed with the vehicle when he considered the use the pickup was meant to take and which he had handed out to it.

By late 1956 the Powell had ceased production. The company had simply run out of raw material from which to build their product ... the local supply of 1941 Plymouth chassis in anywhere near rebuildable condition was rapidly depleting. The company closed its doors with many hundreds of orders still on hand.

By the end of production the Powell Sport Wagon was not only offered in a pickup style but a very utilitarian station wagon was built as well.