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Pontiac 1956


Star Chief
Club de Mer – prototype 

Pontiac Strato-Streak


Standardowy silnik "Strato-Streak" w prototypie Club de Mer osiąga moc 300 KM. Skrzynia biegów zamontowana jest przy tylnej osi typu de Dion. Reflektory ukryto za obrotowymi osłonami.

4-Door Catalinas in every line
New, larger V-8 engine
Newly styled interiors • New exterior design
New hood ornament • New rear fender ornaments
New radiator grille, bumpers and front name plate
New side moldings for all models
New deck lid name plate • Improved ride
New four-barrel carburetor standard on Star Chief series
New Strato-Flight Hydra-Matic transmission
New Synchromesh transmission
Increased horsepower and torque



15 beautiful new models to choose from, including a 4-Door Catalina in every line!
Pontiac has done it again . . . created another style leader after breaking reCords in sales and popularity in 1955! Every model in every series offers style, beauty and modern design that are sure to make 1956 an even greater year for Pontiac. Even the powerful Strato-Streak V-8 has been improved to give more thrilling response and getaway power with smoothness and handling ease that are sure to be the envy of the industry.



Star Chief


The luxury line of the Pontiac for 1956 is the magnificent Star Chief series which has five editions in all. Each has the big 124' wheelbase (except Safari) and is 2.4 inches longer than last year's model. The Star Chief models can be quickly and easily identified not only by their impressive length, but by their more elaborate side molding. Other identifying features are the addition of the name "Star Chief" ("Safari" on the Star Chief Station Wagon) to the front doors and an ornate upper rear fender molding. Catalina models and the Convertible also wear a lower rear fender molding of new design. For prompt identification from the rear, three stars are judiciously spaced beneath the name "Pontiac" on the rear of the trunk compartment.

STAR CHIEF (V8 cyl., four-barrel carburetor, 316.6, 227 h.p.; wb: 124 in.)
 2 Door Convertible
 4 Door Sedan
 Custom Catalina 2 Door Hardtop
 Custom Catalina 4 Door Hardtop
 Safari Station Wagon (wb: 122 in.)

Star Chief Two-Door Catalina

Star Chief Sedan

Star Chief Convertible

Star Chief Four-Door Catalina

Star Chief Safari




One of the first things that you notice on the 870 series are the side moldings. Unlike the Star Chief series which has a tapered molding coming down from the Ventipanels, the 870 has one of constant width. On the rear fenders you will also find three reflectors which have been placed lineally on embossments to enhance the beauty of this series. Looking at it directly from the rear, you will see a new gull-winged handle has been placed on the trunk lid and rear fender ornaments have been atractively restyled. The name "Pontiac" is now scribed above the popular snap-open lock. With four popular models to choose from. the 870 is sure to be a style and value leader for the year 1956.

CHIEFTAIN 870 (V8 cyl., 316.6, 202 h.p.; wb: 122 in.)
 870 Deluxe 4 Door Sedan
 870 Deluxe 4 Door Stn Wgn
 870 Deluxe Catalina 2 Door Hardtop
 870 Deluxe Catalina 4 Door Hardtop

870 Catalina Four-Door

870 Station Wagon

870 Catalina Two-Door

Chieftain 870 Sedan

Station Wagon




Here is the series that offers Pontiac size, performance and dependability at its very lowest cost. For the most part, many of the beauty features seen on the Star Chief and 870 models can all also be found on the 860, and many interior and exterior refinements that are oftentimes only found on cars costing hundreds of dollars more are standard equipment on the Pontiac 860. Models in the 860 series carry the same grille, rub molding and rear fender ornamentation as the 870 series. With all that it has to offer for 1956, the Pontiac 860 is sure to appeal to the buyer with a very fine sense of value.

CHIEFTAIN 860 (V8 cyl., 316.6, 202 h.p.; wb: 122 in.)
 860 Special 2 Door Sedan
 860 Special 4 Door Sedan
 860 Special 2 Door Stn Wgn
 860 Special 4 Door Stn Wgn
 860 Special Catalina 2 Door Hardtop
 860 Special Catalina 4 Door Hardtop

860 Catalina Four-Door

860 Sedan Four-Door

860 Station Wagon Four-Door

860 Catalina Two-Door

860 Sedan Two-Door

860 Station Wagon Two-Door


Club de Mer – prototype


V8 cyl., 316.6, 300 h.p. 


Club de Mer

Pontiac Club de Mer

Club de Mer


Export and overseas built models


Canadian Pontiac Laurentian 4-door hardtop


General Motors Continental


Pathfinder De Luxe (R6 cyl., 4276 cm³, 150 hp.; wb: 292 cm.)
Laurentian (R6 cyl., 4276 cm³, 150 hp.; wb: 292 cm.)

Pontiac in the Netherlands






Pathfinder De Luxe