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Pontiac 1953


Parisienne – prototype 


 2 Door Convertible
 2 Door Sedan
 4 Door Sedan
 4 Door Stn Wgn
 4 Door Stn Wgn 6 Psgr
 4 Door Stn Wgn 8 Psgr
 Catalina 2 Door Hardtop
 Custom Catalina 2 Door Hardtop
 Deluxe 2 Door Convertible
 Deluxe 2 Door Sedan
 Deluxe 4 Door Sedan
 Deluxe 4 Door Stn Wgn
 Deluxe Catalina 2 Door Hardtop
 Special 4 Door Stn Wgn

Chieftain Custom Catalina

Chieftain Convertible

Chieftain Two-Door Sedan



Chieftain De Luxe Two-Door Sedan

Chieftain DeLuxe Convertible with
continental tire kit by Hudelson-Whitebone Co.


Chieftain De Luxe Eight Four-Door Sedan

Chieftain Super DeLuxe Catalina

Chieftain Deluxe Station Wagon


Parisienne - prototype


Pontiac Parisienne

Parisienne at Chicago Motor Show

Parisienne Concept


Based on the 1953 Pontiac convertible, the Parisienne Landau Town Sedan, feature open front roof section and Panoramic wraparound windshield. Custom-built for show purposes only, the front seats are covered with pink leather; the passenger compartment is upholstered with black nylon satin frieze, and carpeted with precious black broadtail. Accenting the entire rear side panels are long, vertical scoops.


Canadian models


Laurentian (Canada)