Classic Car Catalogue

Pontiac 1937

Six wb: 117 in.
Eight wb: 122 in.
R6 cyl, L-head
222.7-cu in.
85 hp
R8 cyl, L-head
248.9 cu in.
100 hp
Coupe Six Eight
Sport Coupe Six Eight
Cabriolet Six Eight
Sedan 2-dr Six Eight
Sedan 4-dr Six Eight
Touring Sedan 2-dr Six Eight
Touring Sedan 4-dr Six Eight
Convertible Sedan Six Eight
Wagon Six -


Pontiac Silver Streak is again available as either a Six (wb 117 in.) or Eight (wb 122 in.). There is eight common body styles. The first Pontiac's Station Wagon came only as Six. Also Four-Door Convertible Sedan appeared in the range.

THE Pontiac DE LUXE SIX FOUR-DOOR SEDAN – With its gleaming Silver Streak front-end and gracefully streamlined rear, this roomy six-passenger car easily captures beauty honors in its field. Sidewalls and seats upholstered in light tan mohair or a mixed wool fabric. Rear compartment has arm rests, ash tray in back of front seat, assist straps, recessed foot rests. Front compartment has upholstered combination door-handles and arm rests and adjustable, tilting seat. As in all 1937 models the spacious body is the new Unisteel Body by Fisher.

THE Pontiac DE LUXE EIGHT TWO-DOOR SEDAN – With this model Pontiac proves that a coach can be really beautiful. Your pleasure in its smartness and comfort will be increased by the super-safety of its new Unisteel Body by Fisher. Rear seat has convenient ash trays built into arm rests. Sedan-type front seat is split, and tilts forward or backward as adjusted for either short or tall driver's comfort. Wide draft-proof doors have upholstered combination door handles and arm rests. Light tan mohair or high quality mixed wool fabric upholstery.

THE Pontiac DE LUXE EIGHT FOUR-DOOR SEDAN – Available with two spare wheels in fender wells or concealed spare. Light tan mohair or luxurious mixed wool fabric upholstery.

THE Pontiac DE LUXE SIX TWODOOR SEDAN – Sedan-type split front seat. Built-in ashtrays. Optional choice of luxurious light tan mohair or a rich, mixed wool fabric upholstery.

THE Pontiac DE LUXE SIX CABRIOLET – Everybody naturally stops for a second look at this dashing fivepassenger sport model. Upholstered in either buffed, crush-grain, tan, Spanish leather or taupe, worsted, Bedford cloth. Doors have combination door handles and arm rests. Split seat folds forward to reveal luggage and spare tire space. Roomy rumble seat is easy to enter. Top fits in a glove-fitting boot of extremely smart appearance. Except for the handsome fabric top, the beautiful streamlined Body by Fisher is built entirely of steel.

THE Pontiac DE LUXE EIGHT Coup é – The low graceful curve of the top line and the longer wheelbase make this model rank in beauty with the finest custom-built cars. The seat is split, folding forward to reveal a luggage and spare tire compartment. Doors open from the rear and have combination door handles and arm rests, upholstered, like the seats, in light tan mohair or highest quality mixed wool fabric. Two spare wheels in fender wells optional. Its safety equals its beauty for this big, luxurious Coupé has the new "Turret-Top" Unisteel Body by Fisher.

THE Pontiac DE LUXE EIGHT CABRIOLET – Also available with two spare wheels in fender wells. Upholstery choice the same as on the Six. Extra luggage space behind driver's seat.

THE Pontiac DE LUXE SIX Coup é – Exceptionally large rear deck storage space. Split three-passenger seat folds forward. Light tan mohair or mixed wool fabric upholstery optional.

THE Pontiac DE LUXE SIX FOUR-DOOR TOURING SEDAN – The trunk, designed as an integral part of the body to preserve the car's brilliant beauty of line, is 50 per cent larger than before. The interior is upholstered in light tan mohair or mixed wool fabric. Arm rests, ash tray, assist straps, and recessed foot rest add extra luxury to the six-passenger interior. The new instrument panel is noteworthy both for dial visibility and unsurpassed beauty of appearance. With its new Unisteel Body by Fisher this big. Silver-Streak beauty is a genuine fortress of safety.

THE Pontiac DE LUXE EIGHT SPORT Coup é – The highest expression of the sport car tradition for smartness and dash. The interior is re-designed to hold five passengers with ease, with auxiliary seats behind the driver's seat, leaving ample rear deck luggage space. Split driver's seat folds forward. Unusually wide doors open from the rear. Available with two spare wheels in fender wells or spare tire concealed in rear deck. Combination arm rests and door handles are upholstered like the seats. The new "Turret-Top" Unisteel Body by Fisher is the safest ever built.

THE Pontiac DE LUXE EIGHT FOUR-DOOR TOURING SEDAN – Available with two spare wheels in fender wells or concealed spare tire. Tan mohair or luxurious mixed wool fabric upholstery.

THE Pontiac DE LUXE SIX SPORT Coup é – Upholstered in luxurious light tan mohair or mixed wool fabric as you choose. All five passengers sit inside as in the Eight.

THE Pontiac DE LUXE SIX TWO-DOOR TOURING SEDAN – Choice of light tan mohair or mixed wool fabric upholstery. Sedan-type split front seat holds three easily.

THE Pontiac DE LUXE EIGHT TWO-DOOR TOURING SEDAN – Motorists who like to tour in perfect comfort find this spacious six-passenger model with a 50 per cent larger trunk exactly what they need. Trunk opens from bottom revealing easily packed compartment above spare tire shelf. Split front sedan-type seat has combination arm rests and door handles. The driver's seat tilts forward or backward as adjusted for either short or tall driver's comfort. Rear seat has ash trays built into arm rests. Has the world's safest body- a Unisteel Body by Fisher.


Competent and impartial engineers will tell you that Pontiac ranks with the very finest examples of quality construction in the automotive field. And here's why: Every feature pointed out on this big, rugged chassis is the best that money can buy. And that applies to the features not visible here as well. America's finest low-priced car is fine all the way through, which explains why Pontiacs have established such a great reCord for long-life and dependability.
1. Improved Knee-Action
2. Efficient Water Pump
3. One-Hundred Horsepower Eight Cylinder Motor
4. All-Silent Syncro-Mesh Transmission
5. Center-Point Steering
6. Dual Propeller Shaft
7. Safety Triple-Scaled Hydraulic Brakes
8. Hotchkiss Drive
9. New Rear Axle
10. Eighteen Gallon Gas Tank
11. Air-Cooled Generator
12. Vacuumatic and Automatic Spark Control
13. Ride Stabilizer
14. Ten-Second Zero Weather Starting Motor
15. Seventeen Plate Battery
16. Double-Action Hydraulic Shock Absorbers
17. Rigid Bridge-Type Frame
18. Jack Pads (front and rear)

1. PERFECTED CENTER-POINT STEERING – Makes driving steadier and prevents wrist and arm fatigue. A noteworthy Pontiac safety feature as well as a driving aid.
2. IMPROVED KNEE-ACTION – The same type used on the costliest cars and a big reason for Pontiac's "lullaby" ride. Combined with big, double-action hydraulic shock absorbers.
3. CRANKSHAFT – Heavier, 100% counterweighted, and tested to remove all signs of vibration, thereby lengthening bearing life and making Pontiac engines even smoother than before.
4. SCOTCH MIST MANIFOLD – A new manifold design, exclusive to Pontiac, increases economy 10 per cent by assuring uniform distribution of fuel to all cylinders.
5. OILING SYSTEM – Full-pressure metered-flow lubrication keeps a film of oil constantly between all moving parts, and assures ample lubrication of cylinder walls as soon as engine starts.
6. COOLING SYSTEM – Automatic all-weather temperature control-the most efficient system in use today. An important reason for Pontiac's quick-starting and long engine life.

7. RADIATOR AND FENDER MOUNTING – Center-point mounting prevents front-end vibration, and damage to headlights and radiator, even on rough roads.
8. SIX-CYLINDER MOTOR – More powerful than ever, with faster acceleration, and yet more economical. Like the Pontiac eight-cylinder engine it is the most efficient in its field.
9. FRAME – Rigid, self-bracing, built on the principle of the cantilever bridge. This rugged frame, plus ample weight keeps the Pontiac steady and vibration-free on any road.
10. CRANK-CASE VENTILATION – Pressure suction ventilation saves oil and prevents wear on bearings by removing the acid vapors and water that corrode bearing surfaces.
11. SYNCRO-MESH TRANSMISSION – Silent in all speeds, forward and reverse. The easiest shifting system in use.
12. JACK PADS FRONT AND REAR – Make tire-changing clean, quick and easy. Exclusive with Pontiac.
13. TRIPLE-SEALED HYDRAULIC BRAKES – Water and dust-proof – the finest money can buy. Combined with parking brake mounted under cowl where it's easiest to reach.

1. Pontiac MASTER HEATER – Slightly smaller than the De Luxe heater. Crackle finish – twin adjustable deflectors – illuminated regulator – positive shut-off valve. An efficient, dependable, inexpensive heating unit for your car.
2. Pontiac DE LUXE RADIO – Seven tube. Offers performance and reception comparable to the finest home radios. All the latest features. Custom-built dials match other controls.
3. Pontiac MASTER RADIO – A powerful, compact, inexpensive six tube radio that excels many higher priced sets in tone quality and performance. Possesses many of the outstanding mechanical features of the De Luxe radio.
4. Pontiac DE LUXE HEATER – A big, powerful, efficient super heater capable of providing plenty of warmth for every passenger. Every modern feature ... gray crackle finish.
5. FLEXIBLE STEERING WHEEL – 18-inch diameter. Beautiful Tenite rim harmonizes with control knobs. Three chromed steel spokes afford sufficient "flex" to prevent any road shocks from reaching driver's hands.
6. CIGARETTE LIGHTER – An extremely popular accessory. Heats quickly – requires only a minimum of battery current. Independent lighter unit can be passed around.
7. ASH RECEPTACLE – For installation on door of the glove compartment – finished in burled walnut to match instrument panel. Can be easily removed from its base for emptying.
8. G. M. DUAL SAFETY WINDSHIELD DEFROSTER – Installation concealed. Operates with Dc Luxe or Master heater. Two outlets, strategically located, keep entire windshield free of snow and ice. No exposed fan.

9. ELECTRIC CLOCK – Special provision is made on the instrument panel for the installation of this handsome electric clock. Keeps accurate time- operates on a minimum of current. Attractive, legible illuminated dial.
10. CHROME WHEEL DISCS – Made of non-rusting steel – heavily chrome plated. Fit flush with hub cap completely covering wheel spokes. Easily installed and easily removed.
14. RIGHT-HAND TAIL LIGHT – Gives a more finished appearance to the rear of the car and serves as an added measure of safety. Matches left-hand light and operates in unison with it both as tail light and stop light.
15. ONYX GEAR-SHIFT BALL – A simple, inexpensive accessory that will further enhance the appearance of the already attractive front compartment. Can be installed immediately.
16. CHROME WHEEL RINGS – A distinctive accessory for the wheels of your car. Can be quickly and easily installed. Will not rattle full chrome finish resists rust.
17. SAN-TOY SEATCOVERS – As practical as they are beautiful. Protect and preserve the upholstery – prevent clothes from wrinkling excessively – are cooler to ride on in warm weather – may be washed with soap and water.
11. DUAL HORNS – Sound a courteous, compelling warning. A real safety feature.
12. SILVER STREAK DECK MOULDING – Adds a smart, distinctive touch to the rear-end beauty of the car. Beautifully chrome plated.
13. RIGHT-HAND SUN VISOR WITH VANITY MIRROR – Protects front seat passenger from glare. Convenient mirror attachment can also be used for keeping service records.

Convertible Sedan

Pontiac Six

Pontiac Silver Streak is also available in Britain, with right-hand drive. Silver Streak name indicate Pontiac's characteristic band of chrome mouldings over grille and hood.