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Pontiac 1936

Six wb: 112 in.
Eight wb: 116 in.
R6 cyl, L-head
208.0 cu in.
80 hp
R8 cyl, L-head
232.3 cu in.
87 hp
Coupe Six Eight
Sport Coupe Six Eight
Cabriolet Six Eight
Sedan 2-dr Six Eight
Sedan 4-dr Six Eight
Touring Sedan 2-dr Six Eight
Touring Sedan 4-dr Six Eight


Uroczystość wyprodukowania milionowego Pontiaca

Poza silnikem i nieco skromniejszym wyposażeniem, Six jest także krótszy niż Eight. Six dostępny jest także w wersji De Luxe z poprawionym przednim zawieszeniem.

Pontiac Silver Streak is available in seven body styles.
DeLuxe Six and Eight have Dubonnet type ifs.

Silver Streak

Triple-Sealed Hydraulic Brakes
Knee-Action Ride
“Turret-Top” Fisher Bodies
No-Draft Ventilation
Level Floors – Front and Rear
Most Economical Car of its Class
COUNT up the different makes of cars and you will find no less than thirty. But count up the number that are uniquely styled and you will find very few indeed. And of these few only Pontiac's design is entirely new departure. Pontiac alone is both different and new!
The Silver Streak is the answer -the reason why America calls Pontiac the most beautiful thing on wheels . . . the reason why Pontiac is acclaimed America's most distinctive car. It gives this big, fleet car its distinguished styling. It makes Pontiac the natural choice of the fastidious few.
Some time soon, take your seat behind this gleaming symbol. Test the engine that sings so softly underneath. You'll find that Pontiac's distinction extends to everything about it! Performance? It quickly takes its rightful place at the head of any line of traffic. Economy? It's the thriftiest car of its class. And you can look down an almost endless road of happy ownership, because Pontiac is built to be America's most dependable low-priced car!
Choose a Pontiac for its distinction. Choose it for economy, safety or anything else. You can do so with confidence, for owners' enthusiasm proves that you simply can't do better.
List prices begin at $615 for the Six and $730 for the Eight. Safety plate glass standard on De Luxe Six and Eight.



Two Door Sedan

Four Door Sedan

Two Door Touring Sedan

Four Door Touring Sedan

Sport Coupé