Classic Car Catalogue

Plymouth 1936

P1 (R6 cyl SV, 3298 cm³, ) - ost.rok


Plymouth at Chicago Motor Show.

Part of Chrysler Corporation's contribution to safe driving is the production of cars which offer every known safety feature. Steel bodies were pioneered by Dodge cars as early as 1915. Chrysler Corporation leads the automobile industry in steel body constructon. In 1924 the original Chrysler car pioneered hydraulic four-wheel brakes. Today all cars produced by Chrysler Corporation have genuine hydraulic brakes.
Having produced the safest car to operate, Chrysler Corporation seeks to encourage the car driver to operate it safely–the human element is the most important safety factor.
Chrysler Corporation has equipped "Safety Education" cars for police departments. With the cooperation of the National Safety Council, Plymouth has produced a safety education film, "Everybody's Business", which has been shown in over three thousand theatres. Plymouth has encouraged the work of school Safety Patrols by establishing competition among boys engaged in this public service.
A safety minded driver operating a car engineered for safery–that can be said to express Chrysler Corporation's aim in its efforts to promote safety on the highway.

P1 Six Station Wagon can carry seven to eight passengers. Also available on the same 113-in. wb chassis is a steel-panelled Commercial Sedan (Sedan Delivery).

Chrysler Motors Ltd of Mortlake Road, Kew Gardens, Surrey, offers a variety of assembled American Plymouth and Chrysler Six and Eight models, all under the Chrysler name. Shown is a Chrysler Wimbledon Six which has a 23.4 HP 82-bhp L-head Six engine. Basically it is a luxury edition of the Plymouth P2. The basic P2 is offered as Chrysler Kew, with 19.8 HP export engine as standard equipment.


Fargo FD1-16 is an attractive looking Parcel Van based on Chrysler Plymouth car chassis. Chrysler uses Fargo name for certain commercial, export and military vehicles.