Classic Car Catalogue

  Pininfarina 1961


Superfast II
Giulietta SS
Spider Speciale Aerodinamico
Cadillac PF Jacqueline - Paris
Y Fiat 600 – Turin
Lancia Flaminia Presidentale 


Pininfarina's new Project Y. Succeeding last year's Project X, which had fore and aft wheels mounted on the centre line and two side wheels amidships, the new version has conventional wheel locations and is based on the Fiat 600D. Large tail fins incorporating the slender rear winkers are retained, and there may be lessons to be learned from them in making rear-engined cars more directionally stable. Representing the alphabetical terminus, no doubt the subsequent Project Z will represent the ultimate ideal theoretical shape.
Pininfarina have also evolved a fine streamlined body with flap-concealed headlamps for the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, on which in open trim the wrapped rear window remains in position as on the new Triumph TR4 hardtop; and there is an opportunity for close study of the huge Jacqueline creation on a Brougham Cadillac chassis, first shown to the public in the closing days of the Paris show. A large and almost flat panel, with extractor ventilation slots at the rear, forms the roof of this great car, and among many novelties inside are what must be some of the most comfortable seats at the show. Made with the squab and cushion in one piece like a Lilo folded through a right-angle, they have an electric switch to recline, when the two parts of the seat fold flat as one unit in the fully lowered position.

At the age of 68, “Pinin” Farina turns his firm over to his son Sergio and his son-in-law, Renzo Carli. The President of Italy authorized the change of Farina’s last name to Pininfarina.



Jacqueline at the Turin Motor Show.


Nadwozie zaprojektowane dla amerykańskiego Cadillaca zostao po raz pierwszy zaprezentowane w Paryżu.




Ferrari Superamerica


Spider Speciale Aerodinamico zrealizowany dla Alfa Romeo.


Alfa Romeo Giulietta SS Coupé Speciale


Lancia Flaminia Presidenziale



"Y" na podwoziu Fiata 600 na Salonie Turyńskim.

The "Y" at the Turin Motor Show.