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Pinin Farina 1956


Fiat 600 Multipla – Geneva
Lancia Florida – new wersion – Geneva
Jaguar Coupé – Geneva
Super Flow – Turin
Palm Beach – Turin
Sport Wagon – Turin
Multipla tourer – Paris
Super Flow II – Paris
Superamerica Ferrari – Paris 


Pinin Farina, who is the doyen of the specialist coachmakers, displays three completely new styles of which the Super Flow Alfa Romeo is the most outstanding. It is based on an experimental 3;-litre chassis, and has a Perspex roof tinted to avoid glare. The doors are in two parts, with the upper portion opening gull wing fashion, and the transparent top can be removed. Body sides are shaped with longitudinal hollow panels, with small stabilizing fins above each rear wheel. The large front wheels are covered by transparent wings, starting from the head lamps and terminating at the front door hinge. This construction is light, permits easy replacement and enables the driver to see his front wheels. The vehicle represents a new approach to a very high-speed design, but it remains to be seen whether the body will look like this when and if the car is ever put into production.
Executed to the requirements of the American Nash Corporation is Farina's special Palm Beach Nash Rambler. It is an elegant two-seater Coupé, aimed specifically at the U.S.A. sporting market. The sides are convex from the front to the central section of the car and the removable top is fashioned with a shallow channel under the rear window. Unusual is the use of thick Plexiglas bumpers, which are styled into the lamp decor. Although they would be ineffective in a heavy collision, they should serve well for manoeuvring in traffic as the material is very resilient and saves a lot of weight.
Farina's new Sport Wagon on a 1100 Fiat TV chassis is a new high-speed approach to the utility vehicle. The rear panel is hinged at roof level, but the construction is such that a stay is required to keep it open, which does not appear to be satisfactory for carrying overhang loads. Nevertheless, as a means of increasing luggage capacity on a normal saloon, it is an interesting new approach.

(Turin report)

Pinin Farina of Turin exhibits for the first time his open-bodied land-cruiser on the Fiat Multipla chassis. It was bought by Henry Ford II on the opening day. Two hundred are being made; with its step-over sides and duck-board seats (to accommodate eight adults in comfort or 15 youngsters at a pinch) it is a brilliant conception for a holiday run-about in sunny climates.
Farina's Super-Flow II, on an experimental 3-litre Alfa-Romeo chassis, has been redesigned since the Turin Show in April. It no longer has perspex wings, and the transparent roof is now in blue plexiglass, still with double-opening doors.
Completely new from this versatile Italian coachbuilder is a Coupé on a 4.9-litre V-12 Superamerica Ferrari chassis. The windscreen is pillarless and offers extremely good visibility combined with a fine aesthetics appearance. On the car exhibited, the screen is of plexiglass due to the short time available for manufacture, but its shape could be reproduced easily in glass. In the absence of screen pillars, the roof is of cantilever construction and the canopy would appear to gain considerable torsional rigidity from. its depth of section and domed outline. It is another example of how this ingenious Italian designer pioneers ideas for the future.

(Paris report)


Fiat 600 Multipla at Turin Motor Show.

Fiat Multipla Marine

Fiat 600 Multipla at Geneva Motor Show


Fiat 600

Fiat 1100TV. Model ten oferowany jest przez studio Pinin Farina od dwoch lat. W Genewie pojawil sie z nowym wlotem powietrza.

Sports Wagon Fiat 1100TV


Lancia Aurelia B24 Convertible

Florida w Genewie.

Florida przygotowana na zamówienie Lancii na podwoziu Aurelii.

Florida Coupé (wrong year?)

Super Flow

Super Flow

Super Flow II

Super Flow II


Coupé on Jaguar Mk VII chassis at Geneva Motor Show.

Ferrari Superamerica at Paris Motor Show.


Palm Beach – prototype for American Motors.

Rear view of the Palm Beach.