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Pegaso 1953

Z 102 (V8, 2816 cc, 142 bhp)
  10 1953 3-0110 Bisiluro 1
  22 1953 0-0122 Berlineta Saoutchik 1ª Serie
  26 1953 0-0126 Berlineta Saoutchik 1ª Serie
  27 1953 3-0127 Spyder Touring Competición
  29 1953 3-0129 Berlineta Touring 1ª Serie
  30 1953 0-0130 Berlineta Saoutchik 1ª/2ª Serie
  32 1953 0-0132 Cabriolet Saoutchik 1ª Serie
  33 1953 0-0133 Berlineta Touring Thrill
  34 1953 3-0134 Cabriolet Saoutchik 1ª Serie
  38 1953 3-0138 Berlineta Touring 1ª Serie
  39 1953 0-0139 Berlineta Touring 1ª Serie
  40 1953 0-0140 Berlineta Touring 1ª Serie
  41 1953 0-0141 Berlineta Touring 1ª Serie
  42 1953 0-0142 Spyder Touring Competición
  43 1953 0-0143 Berlineta Touring 1ª Serie
  44 1953 0-0144 Berlineta Touring 1ª Serie
  45 1953 3-0145 Spyder Touring Competición
  49 1953 0-0149 Berlineta Touring 1ª Serie
  50 1953 0-0150 Berlineta Touring 1ª Serie
  51 1953 0-0151 Berlineta Touring Panamericana
  52 1953 0-0152 Berlineta Touring Panamericana


At Jabbeke in Belgium, Pegaso set up flying kilometre and mile records of 243,079 and 244,602 kph respectively, in September 1953.

Pegaso Berlinetta Cúpula 2 at New York Motor Show.
Pegaso own bodywork "dome berlinetta", a Coupé futuristic with a large bubble-shaped rear defogger. It was the first own realization in aluminium (2 copies made, 1952/53).


Berlinetta Biposto ('52) with transparent bodywork by Touring at Paris Motor Show.

Berlinetta Touring at Paris Motor Show.
Still very much a national affair, Pegaso were showing two Coupés on their usual chassis, there being no major changes since the car first stirred the sporting world some years ago. No doubt coupled with politics and higher finance is the reason that the Pegaso car has still not appeared in any numbers in Europe, though it would seem that they monopolise Spanish national sporting events. In order to show more clearly the interesting mechanical details of this V8-engined, de Dion-rear-axled car whose specification is of Grand Prix standards, a third car was on the Show stand, raised on a platform and fitted with a Coupé body made of Perspex. Not only was this exhibit a masterpiece of the Perspex moulders' art but the silhouette it formed looked much nicer than the metal-bodied Coupé alongside, which was obviously made on the same mould. It is strange that all Pegaso attempts at competition outside their own country have been pretty mediocre, yet the stand was covered in photographs of competition successes achieved in Spain!
(Paris report)

Berlinetta Touring (0-0140)

Spyder Touring

Berlinetta Thrill by Touring.

Thrill by Touring

Thrill by Touring

Cabriolet by Saoutchik In 1953 Pegaso approached the French designer of Saoutchik, Philippe Charbonneaux, to request a design. Charbonneaux undertook the design and mandated his apprentice, Paul Bracq, to create two almost identical models painted in bicolor. The models were exposed during all Hall of the Paris motor of 1953 on the Saoutchik stand.

Pegaso skarosowany przez Saoutchika (0-0126)

Cabriolet Saoutchik in Paris.

0-0122 Berlineta Saoutchik 1ª Serie at Concours d'Elegance in Cannes in 1954.

Z 102   2816 cm³      


Entries and results:
  24h Le Mans 13.06.1953 Entrant: Results: Perf.
#   chassis     gen. class
28 Z102 Barchetta Touring Le Mans #0145 Jover / Metternich ENASA dns - -
29 Z102 Barchetta Touring Le Mans #0127 Pover / Cardona / Fernandez ENASA dns - -

Le Mans