Classic Car Catalogue

Panther 1978

J.72 L6 cyl. 4235 cc 190 bhp wb: 9ft. 1in.  
De Ville V12 cyl. 5343 cc 253 bhp wb: 3607 mm  
Lima L4 cyl. 2279 cc 108 bhp wb: 2464 mm  
6 V8 cyl. 8193 cc   wb: 2670 mm – discontinued

Great Britain

The Vauxhall-powered Lima recalls the spacious days of the 'thirties with long bonnet, open air motoring for two, exposed headlights and spare wheel hung on the tail. Made by Panther West Winds, the eye-catching sports car has a very modern performance with 2.3 litres of overhead camshaft engine, and a five-speed gearbox is available as an option to the standard four-speed unit. To emphasise the up-to-date specification there is also an available automatic transmission. Panther's Lima is obtainable only through selected Vauxhall dealers, and finish is to Panther's customary high standards. A specially tuned DTV engine is also available.

The amazing Panther Six is so-named because of its six wheels, with four steering at the front, and a vast 8.2 litre Cadillac V8 engine at the back to provide a maximum speed of around 125 mph. For those who really like to travel fast there is a turbocharged version with a claimed top velocity of 200 mph. The car's design was sparked-off by the six-wheeled Formula 1 Tyrrell racing cars, and the maker claims four front steering wheels are safer than two. The Panther Six has every conceivable luxury aboard including radio-telephone, television, high-output air-conditioning and so on. Very popular with oil-rich sheikhs!
Only two Panther 6s were built.