Classic Car Catalogue

Panther 1977

J.72 L6 cyl. 4235 cc 190 bhp wb: 9ft. 1in.  
De Ville V12 cyl. 5343 cc 253 bhp wb: 3607 mm  
Rio L4 cyl. 1998 cc 127 bhp 2458 mm – discontinued
Lima L4 cyl. 2279 cc 108 bhp wb: 2464 mm  
6 V8 cyl. 8193 cc   wb: 2670 mm – new model

Great Britain

The Panther 6 is an extravagant six-wheel convertible powered by a mid-mounted 8.2l Cadillac V8 engine with twin turbochargers. The six wheel configuration is inspired by the Formula 1 Tyrrell P34. The rear wheels has 265/50 VR16 tyres and two pairs of steerable front wheels are 205/40 VR13. The specification includes a detachable hard top and convertible soft top, electronic instruments, air conditioning, an automatic fire extinguisher, electric seats and windows, a telephone and a television set.


Only 38 Rios were built between 1975 and 1977. A rarer Rio Especial used the high-performance Triumph Dolomite Sprint as its basis.