Classic Car Catalogue

OSI 1967

St Tropez    
2600 De Luxe Alfa Romeo – discontinued. 54 were built.  
Ford Anglia Torino    
Cross Country    
Fiat 850 Coupé    
Ford Mustang – discontinued  
Weekend – Geneva  
20M/TS – new model  
Fiat 125 Familiare – Turin – prototype  
Silver Fox – Turin – prototype  


Cross Country bazuje na nowym Fiacie 124, ale wykorzystuje też wiele elementów Campagnoli.

Budowany na podwoziu niemieckiego Forda OSI 20 M/TS dostępny jest w wersjach 2000 S i 2300 S, zależnie od zastosowanego silnika o mocy 90 lub 108 KM.
Presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 1967, the Weekend use the mechanical parts of the Fiat 850. Two covers are available, the simple 'summer' and a complete cover, including sides, for use in more adverse weather conditions.


Fiat 125 Familiare at Turin Motor Show.
Turin Motor Show also saw the estate car based on the Fiat 125. The load area was increased by redesigning the fuel tank.
Shown at the Turin Motor Show the Silver Fox was aimed at competition (Group B6) and at reCord attempts. It is powered by a 1000cc Renault Alpine four-cylinder unit positioned obliquely behind the seat in the left-hand boom. Between the two booms there are three wing-shaped aerodynamic aids, the front one is adjustable with the vehicle static, the large central one is equipped with a wing adjustable when driving, whilst the rear one is fixed and include aerodynamic brakes.
W Turynie OSI (Officine Stampaggi Industriali), utworzona przez firmy Ghia i Fergat, zaprezentowała 2 miejscowego dwukadłubowca o nazwie Silver Fox, napędzanego silnikiem Renault Alpine o pojemności 1000 cm³.