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Opel 1953

Olympia - ost. rok, do marca (1947-53 - 187055 ex.)
Kapitän - ost. rok, do czerwca (1948-53 - 78922 ex.)
Olympia Rekord - nowy model w marcu
Kapitän - nowy model w listopadzie


Premiera na IAA.

Opel, announced new versions of their Olympia and Kapitän cars. These four- and six-cylinder models of 1½- and 2¼ litres capacity retain existing engines although in the case of the six-cylinder model the power output has been increased to 68 h.p. Another mechanical change on the bigger model is a revised length for the front suspension wishbones giving less wheel tilt when cornering, whilst the body has been wholly re-styled in the current General Motors convention. The 1½-litre car is now known as the Olympia "Record" and has a combined body and chassis construction with, it is interesting to note, a two-door body as the only catalogue type.
The Motor Year Book 1954

Production in 1953:
Olympia 11804 ex.
Kapitän 7754 ex.
Olympia Rekord 74961 ex.
Kapitän 1497 ex.


Olympia (2395mm) - end in March (187055 ex)
(R4 cyl, 1488 cm³, 37 PS)



Kapitän (2695 mm) - end in June (78922 ex)
(R6 cyl, 2473 cm³, 58 PS)

Opel Kapitän Cabrio Autenrieth


Opympia Rekord

Olympia Rekord (2487 mm) - new model in March
(R4 cyl, 1488 cm³, 40 PS)
  Limousine - March
  Caravan - August
  Kastenwagen - August



Kapitän (2750 mm) - new model in November
(R6 cyl, 2473 cm³, 68 PS)