Classic Car Catalogue

Oldsmobile 1962

F-85 Cutlass    
Jetfire – new model  
Dynamic 88    
Super 88    
Starfire – new model  
X-215 – prototype  


Jetfire to nowa wersja kompaktowego F-85 zaopatrzona w turbosprężarkę i wtrysk paliwa.

W styczniu br. zakłady Oldsmobile obchodziły uroczystość wyprodukowania 7.500.000 samochodów. Według oświadczenia dyrektora produkcji W. Slachta, zakłady te otwarte w 1897 roku, milionowy samochód wyprodukowały w roku 1931.
Nie są to jednak duże cyfry w porównaniu z Volkswagenem.

Motor 1962

 There's "Something Extra" about owning an OLDS!
  Something that transcends the inviting look of rich new fabrics or the crisp response of o precisely-engineered power plant. Something beyond the simple pleasure of threading an Olds through traffic ... or thundering it through its paces on a turnpike ... or merely parking it out front.
  Perhaps it is the sense of pride you feel when you quietly tell a parking lot attendant, "Mine's the '62 Olds." Or the flattering professional respect your Olds earns when you sweep into the neighborhood gas station. Or the calm assurance of knowing that you've invested wisely and well ... and that your investment will hold.
  On the following pages, you'll meet a sparkling array of new Oldsmobiles – magnificent Ninety-Eights ... superb Super 88's ... dazzling Dynamic 88's ... stylish new F-85's ... plus a stunning new Starfire! Any one you choose will amply demonstrate the point: there is ''something extra'' about owning an Olds!


  wb: 123 in. Starfire
V8 cyl.
345 h.p.
Coupé 2 Door Hardtop  
Convertible 2 Door Convertible  


Starfire Coupé

Starfire Convertible



Ninety Eight

  wb: 126 in. Skyrocket
V8 cyl.
330 h.p.
Town Sedan 4 Door Sedan  
Holiday Sedan 4 Door Sedan  
Holiday Sports Sedan 4 Door Hardtop  
Holiday Sports Coupé 2 Door Hardtop  
Convertible Coupé 2 Door Convertible  


98 Town Sedan


98 Holiday Sports Sedan

98 Convertible Coupé

98 Holiday Sports Coupé


Super 88

  wb: 123 in. Skyrocket
V8 cyl.
330 h.p.
Celebrity Sedan 4 Door Sedan  
Holiday Sedan 4 Door Hardtop  
Holiday Coupé 2 Door Hardtop  
Fiesta 4 Door Stn Wgn  


Super 88 Celebrity Sedan

Super 88 Holiday Coupé

Super 88 Fiesta

Super 88 Holiday Sedan


Dynamic 88

  wb: 123 in.  
V8 cyl.
280 h.p.
V8 cyl.
260 h.p.
Celebrity Sedan 4 Door Sedan std opt
Holiday Sedan 4 Door Hardtop std opt
Holiday Coupé 2 Door Hardtop std opt
Convertible Coupé 2 Door Convertible std opt
Fiesta 4 Door Stn Wgn 6 Psgr std opt
Fiesta 4 Door Stn Wgn 9 Psgr std opt


Dynamic 88 Convertible Coupé

Dynamic 88 Fiesta

Dynamic 88 Holiday Coupé

Dynamic 88 Celebrity Sedan

Dynamic 88 Holiday Sedan



  wb: 112 in. Rockette
V-8 cyl.
155 h.p.
Cutlass 185
V-8 cyl.
185 h.p.
Club Coupé 2 Door Coupé std opt
Sedan 4 Door Sedan std opt
Sports Convertible 2 Door Convertible std opt
Station Wagon 4 Door Stn Wgn 6 Psgr std opt
Station Wagon 4 Door Stn Wgn 8 Psgr std opt
Deluxe Sedan 4 Door Sedan std opt
Deluxe Wagon 4 Door Stn Wgn std opt


Better than ever in every way ... and every inch an OLDS
Better looking, better riding, more spacious than ever – that's Oldsmobile's new F-85 for 1962! A model to suit every need and fancy – sedans, Coupés, station wagons and two glamorous new convertibles! All offer "something extra" in style, comfort and performance. There's one that's powered right, priced right, just right for you!

Oldsmobile's top-performing aluminum power plant that combines V-8 vigor with 185 hustling horsepower ... now available in every F-85 model!
Here is a brilliant addition to the illustrious high-compression V-8 engines which have made the name Oldsmobile synonymous with performance! The ultra high-compression Cutlass 185 combines all the advantages of lightweight aluminum construction ... inherently smooth V-8 design ... and a lusty 10.25-to-1 compression ratio. It delivers a hustling 185 horsepower with 230 lb.-ft. of torque! The Cutlass 185 is performance-engineered with a high-capacity manifold, four-barrel carburetor and a high-torque 3.36-to-1 rear axle. The high-performance Cutlass 185 is standard equipment on F-85 Cutlass models; optional at extra cost on all other F-85 models.


F-85 Sedan

F-85 Club Coupé

F-85 Station Wagon

F-85 Station Wagon



  wb: 112 in. Cutlass 185
V-8 cyl.
185 h.p.
Coupé 2 Door Coupé  
Convertible 2 Door Convertible  


F-85 Cutlass Coupé

F-85 Cutlass Coupé

F-85 Cutlass Convertible



wb: 112 in Turbo-Rocket
V-8 cyl. turbo
215 h.p.
2 Door Hardtop  


Over three years ago, Oldsmobile engineers set out to develop a revolutionary new engine. It was to lie an engine of incredible smoothness, with extraordinary acceleration characteristics and an almost unlimited performance capacity.
After three years of intensive development and testing, this remarkable new engine is now under the hood of one car – Oldsmobile's JETFIRE!
It is a 215-cubic-inch aluminum V-8 with an exhaust-driven turbocharger and fluid injection system that delivers one horsepower for every cubic inch of displacement.
The turbocharger revolves at ultra-high speed (up to 90,000 rpm) and "force feeds" the fuel charge into the cylinders. This turbocharging increases power by almost 40%. It also helps blend the fuel-air mixture.
That's where fluid injection takes effect. Operation at these high temperatures and pressures is virtually impossible with today's fuels. Therefore, a special water-based Turbo-Rocket Fluid is injected into the fuel-air mixture to cool the charge and lower the temperatures inside the cylinders.
The result is performance that is nothing short of spectacular! Acceleration is exceptional in the low-end speed ranges – and downright sensational from there on up. For passing or hill climbing, the Turbo-Rocket is unsurpassed.





X-215 is a custom F-85 convertible. Firefrost silver sportster have a fiberglass tonneau cover incorporating an airfoil section roll bar. Bucket seats, functional air scoops for brake cooling and a concave grille housing regular and long-range driving lights are other features.