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Oldsmobile 1935 


Six (6 cyl, 213,3 cu. in., 90 KM)
Eight (8 cyl, 240,3 cu. in., 100 KM) 

Oldsmobile 1935


Six F-35 Series (6 cyl., 213.3, 90 h.p.; wb: 115 in.)
  Series Business Coupe
  Series Sport Coupe
  Series Touring Coupe
  Series Sedan
  Series Touring Sedan
  Series Convertible Coupe
  Series Club Coupe
Eight L-35 Series (8 cyl., 240.3, 100 h.p.; wb: 121 in.)
  Business Coupe
  Sport Coupe
  Touring Coupe
  Convertible Coupe
  Touring Sedan
  Club Coupe

Tegoroczne modele Oldsmobile dostępne są w dwóch rozstawach osi: 2921 mm z silnikem 6 cyl lub 3073 mm (121 cali) z silnikem V8 cyl. Wersje Touring 2- i 4-drzwiowych sedamów różnią się większym barażnikiem. Niezależne zawieszenie przednich kół, synchronizowana skrzynia biegów i hydrauliczne hamulce stanowią standardowe wyposażenie wszystkich modeli.

F35 Six and L35 Eight featured Fisher 'Turret Top' all-steel roof, in common with most other GM cars from the 1935 model year.

The secret of the all-steel top, which makes life so much safer and the view from the fourth-floor window so much more attractive, has been discovered by Oldsmobile, too, and the Fisher all-steel no-draft bodies include that innovation. The new models, both sixes and eights, show an increase in size and in power, nevertheless, an improvement in operating economy is claimed. The six-fisted model now develops 90 h.p.; the straight eight can churn up a hundred horses. Super-hydraulic brakes, center-control steering, and the ride-stabilizer. No upstart brand, the Olds manages to step right along with tile fashions.



Six 4-door Sedan

Six Sport Coupé

Six 4-door Touring Sedan

Six Convertible Coupé

Six 5-passenger Coupé

Six Business Coupé

Six 5-passenger Touring Coupé




Eight 4-door Sedan

Eight Business Coupé

Eight 4-door Touring Sedan

Eight Convertible Coupé

Eight 5-passenger Touring Coupé

Eight Sport Coupé

Eight 5-passenger Coupé