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Oldsmobile 1931 




FISHER has created bodies for the new Oldsmobile Six which are smartly styled and brightly finished in the sunny hues of spring, and which combine a wealth of comfort and a wide utility.
These bodies by Fisher are ready for the swift changes from sun to shower – ready with carefully engineered, easily operated window regulators and the Fisher vision-ventilating windshield. They a snugly insulated for the chilly day – instantly made cool and airy for the warmest weather.
Furthermore, Fisher wood-and-steel type construction provides Oldsmobile with bodies of greater strength plus resilience - eliminates squeaks and rattles and assures comfort and good looks through many seasons.
Be sure to examine carefully the new Oldsmobiles and compare their greater value. For in Oldsmobile's price field, the new Oldsmobile Six alone will give you these important Fisher superiorities, because Oldsmobile is one of the General Motors cars – the only cars with Body by Fisher.

F31 (6 cyl., 197.5, 65 h.p.; wb: 113 ½ in.)
  Standard Series Convertible Roadster
  Standard Series Coupe
  Standard Series Sedan
  Standard Series Sport Coupe
  Standard Series Sedan
  Standard Series Patrician Sedan
  Special Series Convertible Roadster
  Special Series Coupe
  Special Series Sedan
  Special Series Sport Coupe
  Special Series Sedan
  Special Series Patrician Sedan

Nowa fabryka Oldsmobile w Lansing w stanie Michigan zajmuje obszar 85 akrów i liczy 26 budynków. Co 41 sekund taśmę opuszcza nowy samochód, co daje 800 aut dziennie! Pierwszy raz w Oldsmobilach zaoferowano skrzynię biegów typu Synchro-Mesh. Do końca roku dywizja sprzedała 47.279 pojazdów.

1931 Oldsmobiles had synchromesh gearbox and downdraught carburettor for the first time. Note light-coloured spokes of wood wheels. Fisher bodywork was similar to that used for other General Motors products-Chevrolet and Pontiac. Oldsmobile was founded as early as 1896 and taken over by General Motors in 1909.

F-31 convertible roadster



Two-Door Sedan


Business Coupé


Two-Door Sedan

Convertible Roadster