Classic Car Catalogue

Nash and Metropolitan


AMBASSADOR (V8 cyl., 327, 255 h.p.; wb: 121¼ in.)
  80 Custom 2 Door Hardtop
  80 Custom 4 Door Sedan
  80 Super 2 Door Hardtop
  80 Super 4 Door Sedan



For 1958 all models offered as Rambler.

Ambassador Custom Four-Door Sedan

Ambassador Super Country Club Hardtop

Ambassador Custom Country Club Hardtop

Ambassador Super Four-Door Sedan




  2 Door Convertible 1500  
  2 Door Hardtop Coupé 1500  
  2 Door Convertible A-85  
  2 Door Hardtop Coupé A-85


Metropolitan 1500. After selling so well in the United States and Canada for over three years this colourful little car became available on the British home market as Hard-top (Model HE6) and Convertible (Model HD6; shown).


Metropolitan Coupé 1500